PROJET 660, 860 ColorJet CJP

PROJET 660, 860 ColorJet CJP

ZPrinter 3DP technology updated and rebranded as ProJet X60. CJP = Colour Jet Printing

  • X260 3D Printer (printer only)

    ProJet 260 PLUS 3D Printer

    Product ID: PJ260-PLUS

    ProJet 260 PLUS is the NEW in 2017 colour jet modelling 3D Printer. It provides the most affordable way of printing quality, 3D colour models. The compact footprint of the 260, its high resolution, generous build volume, superb colours and its low price point, coupled with the quality, make this an ideal machine for users who want to produce 3D colour parts.

  • X360 3D Printer (printer only)

    ProJet 360 MONO 3D Printer

    Product ID: PJ360-BS

    ProJet 360 3D Printer is the most affordable way of printing and de-powdering quality, 3D models in a single system, in any office or classroom environment. It is fast, easy to use and allows users to output brilliant 3D models & prototypes, in high 450 dpi resolution.

  • X460 Plus 3D Printer

    ProJet 460 PLUS 3D Printer

    Product ID: PJ460-BS

    ProJet 460 Plus is a fully automated full colour 3D Printer. It enables users to turn 3D-CAD data into brilliant 3D colour models quickly and cost-effectively, and in high 450 dpi resoltuion. Colour can dramatically communicate the proposed look, feel and style of engineering product designs and architectural concepts.

  • X660 3D Printer

    ProJet 660 PRO 3D Printer

    Product ID: PJ660-BS

    ProJet 660 Pro 3D Printer offers a large build volume at 380x250x200mm, so both large models and high quantities can be quickly produced. Print quality has been further enhanced and even more user convenience features have been added.

  • X860 3D Printer

    ProJet 860 PRO 3D Printer

    Product ID: PJ860-BS
      ProJet 860 3D Printer is a new ColourJet 3D Printer offering the largest ever build volume. Large and small parts can be produced in monochorme or full colour. The resolution is 600 x 540 dpi and the build envelope is 508x381x229mm.
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