PROX stereolithography SLA

PROX stereolithography SLA

3D Systems ProX Stereoligthography SLA 3D Printers are the fastest way to product parts in production materials like ABS, PP, PC with great flex, rigidity and colours. SLA = StereoLithography Apparatus

  • iPro8000

    ProX 800 SLA

    Product ID: 3DS-PX8000

    The ProX 800 is a high-productivity SLA 3D printing system that builds robust parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances.

    Build volume is 650 x 750 x 550mm.

  • ProX 950

    ProX 950

    Product ID: 3DS-PROX950

    With the industry’s widest array of SLA materials, the ProX 950 delivers a range of properties, from ABS-like toughness to polycarbonate-like clarity. You can even cast directly from printed patterns using QuickCast™ technology.

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