ProJet 7000 SLA


Professional high-powered SLA machine - for truly accurate, smooth parts in production plastic materials.

Build volume 380 x 380 x 250mm.

  • SLA Results in a fraction of the time and expense
  • Unmatched accuracy and precision from ANY 3D printer
  • Range of material choices that PERFORM
  • Fastest build speeds in professional duty 3D printing
  • Powerful software tools to tackle even the toughest geometries and applications
  • Designed for in-house printing of SLA quality parts
  • Faster turnaround saves time
  • SLA accuracy, precision & performance
  • Lower service & maintenance cost versus traditional SLA
  • Lower cost of ownership for in-house printing
  • Do not need to run 24/7 to keep allocated maintenance cost per part low
  • Materials packaged in 2.0 litre cartridges
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