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  • Cubify Invent Software

    Cubify Invent software

    Product ID: 3DS-INT-SFT

    Easy to learn 3D design& modelling software. With Cubify Invent you can make your ideas come to life. Also, you can export Invent format files (.fun) and output in .STL for 3D Printing.


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  • Design Software

    Cubify Design software

    Product ID: 3DS-DSN-SFT

    Cubify Design is your toolbox for advanced modeling projects. Take advantage of powerful CAD features like complex assemblies and functionality of parts. Share with 2D drawings and easily export to your 3D printer when ready. You can import STEP, IGES, SAT, and Solidworks file formats and export Invent format files (.fun) and .stl files.


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