GibbsCAM advanced toolpaths for CNC and MTM

GibbsCAM advanced toolpaths for CNC and MTM

GibbsCAM CNC machining software. A scalable CAM system that gives you the tools to program parts faster and cut machine time with innovative toolpath strategies and proven, error-free post processors. CDG work with TechCADCAM and 3DSystems in the provision of GibbsCAM software and post processors.

  • GibbsCAM production milling

    GibbsCAM production milling

    Supports 2-axis through simple 3-axis wireframe machining with full functionality for contouring, pocketing with unlimited bosses/islands, thread milling, face milling, 2D/3D spiral creation, drilling with support for many drill cycles, tapping, and boring. Simple 4th-axis positioning is also supported. 

  • GibbsCAM production milling

    GibbsCAM production turning

    Supports full 2-axis wireframe machining with full functionality for contouring, automatic roughing, multiple hills and valleys, plunge roughing, threading, repetitive shape roughing, drilling, tapping and boring.

  • GibbsCAM solid surfacer

    GibbsCAM solid surfacer

    The Advanced 3D with High-Speed Machining component of SolidSurfacer is tailored towards creating toolpath that is ideal for hard-metal cutting and high-speed machining resulting in smooth surface finishes.

  • GibbsCAM polar & cylindrical milling

    GibbsCAM polar & cylindrical milling

    Drives one rotary and two linear axes to achieve 3-axis toolpath. It extends GibbsCAM’s standard 3-axis milling functions for use on machines with a rotary axis to enable wrapped geometry, cylindrical and polar rotary milling, and rotary repeats.

  • GibbsCAM radial milling

    GibbsCAM radial milling

    Drives one rotary and three linear axes to achieve 4-axis toolpath. It provides a roughing and a finishing mill process for off-centerline “Y-axis” rotary machining, allowing control of wall angles and tool engagement. Input is 3D wire-frame geometry extracted from solids or created by other means, to drive and orient the tool. 

  • GibbsCAM 5-axis milling

    GibbsCAM 5-axis milling

    Supports simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining with various tool types. In combination with GibbsCAM MTM, it also supports sophisticated multi-task machines with live tooling on articulated heads.

  • GibbsCAM 5-axis multi-blade

    GibbsCAM 5-axis multi-blade

    An addition to GibbsCAM 5-Axis Milling, optimized for programming machining centers and multi-tasking machines (MTMs) to make turbomachinery parts. It simplifies machining blisks, blings and impellers – parts with blades. Its specialized and condensed interface allows easy selection of geometry without having to prepare the model. 

  • GibbsCAM multi-task machining MTM

    GibbsCAM multi-task machining MTM

    Specifically designed to address the CNC programming requirements of multi-task machine tools, providing powerful programming tools that are easy to learn and use with the ultimate in flexibility and configurability. 

  • GibbsCAM wire-EDM

    GibbsCAM wire-EDM

    Designed to handle the most demanding Wire-EDM programs while being easy-to-use, GibbsCAM Wire-EDM supports programming 2- through 4-axis CNC Wire-EDM machines. 

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