Intamsys Flex 510 3D Printer is a Production Level High-Speed Flexible Material 3D Printer offering:-

  • High speed printing, developed for production: High Speed Flexible Material Extrusion Technology (HSFETM ), printing speed increased by 5 times, up to 12,000mm/min.

  • Unparalleled design flexibility: Smart eXtruder Bay System (SXBSTM) Technology, manage up to 4 nozzles which can freely switch during the printing process, print up to 4 different TPU materials or 4 different colors per print.

  • Smart design and ease of use: Active Automatic Leveling Technology (AALTM), ensure the quality of the printed part, ease of use.

  • Flex 510

    Flex 510

    FLEX 510 comes with 2 printheads for fast 200mm/s print speed in TPU / TPE flexible material.

    Build volume 508 x 508 x 450mm

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