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Simcon CADMould Plastic Flow Analysis Software


SIMCON collaborates with partners including KraussMaffei, Hella and Fraunhofer, to create new multi layered lenses for LED headlights.

Simcon has expanded the functionality of CADMOULD to include the simulation of micro structures on the surface of plastic parts, in the research project Optisys.

An increasing share of luxury segment and midsize cars use LED headlights. Because LEDs generate less heat than classic incandescent bulbs, this has created an opportunity to replace glass elements in the lenses with lighter and less expensive lenses made of translucent plastic, which meet the same

optical requirements as their glass counterparts.

In project Optisys, SIMCON, a technology leader in injection moulding simulation, collaborated with world leading automotive industry suppliers to develop multi layered glass-free lenses for LED headlights.


Micro structures on the surface of the lens

The key development objectives of project Optisys were to use microstructures to improve the scattering of light, while reducing the volume and size of lenses, using the principles of Fresnel lenses. 

These microstructures are generated on the surface of the part during the injection molding process, using geometries that are engraved directly into the mold. 

Simulation expert SIMCON developed the capability to model these structures specifically for project Optisys. 

Going forward, SIMCON is now offering this kind of simulation as a service.

This functionality is also being integrated into SIMCON’s injection moulding simulation solution CADMOULD.


High optical quality of the lenses through multi-step injection molding process

The high optical quality of the lenses is achieved using a multi-layered structure comprised of different materials, such as PMMA and PMMI.

To optimize the design of this thick, multilayered free-form lens, SIMCON deployed the optimization solution VARIMOS, which is fully integrated with


It harnesses the speed and accuracy of CADMOULD’s simulation engine to rapidly

explore different combinations of parameters in an automated fashion, and then mathematically optimize part geometry and production parameters.


“In this way, the artificial intelligence integrated

in VARIMOS automatically explores and learns the impact of different parameters like thickness of layers, gate locations, injection temperatures. And then it computes the optimal solution, based on what it has learned.”, explains Max Mades, project manager at SIMCON.


In project Optisys, SIMCON collaborated closely with several partners including Hella GmbH & Co.KgaA, a world leading supplier of headlights and lighting systems, KrausMaffei Group GmbH, a global producer of machinery for the production and processing of plastics, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Mechanics IWM. 

The project was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Simcon has been a world leader in injection molding simulation software and services since 1988.

With more than 7000 customers using their software and more than 12.000 simulation and consulting projects completed, SIMCON is a global technology leader who provides unique depth and breadth of expertise to practitioners.

Medical Testing Swaps using Figure-4 MED-AMB


Figure-4 offer engineering and medical grade materials. For the manufacture of Nasopharyngeal Swabs, the materials recommended by 3D Systems is MED-AMB. In the UK, please contact CDG for Figure-4 machines and MED-AMB material


Tel. 01420 556755

  • Mass-Producing Nasopharyngeal Swabs

    • 3D Printed, Mass-Produced Nasal Swabs for COVID-19

      273 swabs printed in 2.5 hours on the Figure 4 with MED-AMB/SG material. 34 seconds per swab.

    • 3D printed, mass-Produced Nasal Swabs in progress on a Figure 4
      NP swabs print in progress on Figure 4.
  • The Need

    There is a shortage of nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs to test COVID-19 patients as large-scale testing ramps up. Most test kits are limited to those who show severe symptoms. As such, it’s hard to determine who is asymptomatic in order to curb community spread through other methods than shelter-in-place policies.

    The Solution

    We are working with clinicians to test the materials and print process of NP swabs printed on our systems. We believe that Figure 4 and its autoclavable, biocompatible materials will be a great fit mass-producing large quantities of swabs in a short amount of time.

    The Outcome

    The material and print process for NP swabs is still being validated. Based on initial capacity analysis of a single Figure 4 system, it can print 273 swabs in 2.5 hours, which equates to 34 seconds per swab or 18,345 swabs per week. We also have several ISO 13485 certified facilities that can produce medical parts.

NHS supported by CDG Customers


CDG are pleased to be able to support our 3D Printer customers with materials and printers, in these difficult times, especially those companies and organisations who are supporting the NHS with the provision of face masks and other equipment.

This is one testimonial...

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support yourselves and CDG have given us over the past couple of weeks during such difficult circumstances. Your swift response, with both the supply of materials and the visit [from your service team], has enabled us to ramp up our production of face visors to support the vital work of the NHS at this time. Our three machines are now running around the clock, and as always are increasingly proving their worth each day. We are only a small part of what is truly a national effort, but we couldn’t have done what we have without your help!

Best wishes


CDG UK Customer 

NHS Thank You

Advanced New FFF filament from 3DXTech


New 3DXTech Polypropylene and Polyethylene materials are launched. ALL 3DXTech filaments are available from CDG in the UK. Please click below to access our online shops to view or purchase these material:-


CARBONX™ PP+CF Polypropylene 3D filament

CarbonX™ CF-PP is made using a speciality formulated polypropylene co-polymer reinforced with high-modulus chopped carbon fibre. 

This filament is based on a patent-pending formulation that offers improved thermal properties and low shrinkage/warp compared to competitive PP-based compounds.  

Product Attributes:

- Does not absorb moisture

- Excellent chemical resistance

- Low density/light weight

- High strength and stiffness

- Ease of printing - suitable for use on practically any 3D printer

EVOLV3D™ OBC Polyethylene Copolymer 3D filament

Evolv3D™ OBC (Olefin Block Copolymer) from Dow is an engineering-grade material based on a novel polyethylene copolymer.

OBC is the state-of-the-art in polyethylene 3D printing and eliminates many of the problems associated with printing polypropylene-based materials. 

Product Attributes Include:

- Excellent Z-axis bonding

- Very low density (0.9 g/cm3)

- Outstanding chemical resistance 

- No water pick-up - no drying needed

- Ease of printing - low warp / curling

- Flexibility and fatigue resistance allows for printing living hinges

- Low odor - essentially none

Clariant Exolit Flame Retardant 3D printer filament at CDG


3D Printer FDM/FFF users who wish to print in Flame Retardant materials are finding success with the new Clariant PA6/66-GF20 FR LS using Exolit® - a newly developed flame retardant material that is compliant with EN 45545-2, NFPA 130 (ASTM E162, ASTM E662) and SMP 800-C.

You can purchase Clariant PA6/66-GF20 FR LS using Exolit from CDG in the UK & Ireland.

Please contact Kyla Beal at CDG for more information and prices:-

Clariant Exolit FR filament

Clariant PA6/66-GF20 FR LS using Exolit

This material was designed specifically for 3D printing to achieve ideal mechanical properties with excellent flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity. The material is ideal for the production of end use parts using printers with enclosed or heated chambers.


  • Flame retardant material
  • Semi-crystalline thermoplastic
  • Good impact strength and stiffness
  • Good low temperature properties (e.g. -40°C)
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Reduced thermo-oxidative degradation
  • Improved long term heat and stability to ultraviolet and visible light
  • Functional end use parts
  • Functional prototypes
Colour Range
  • Natural, 1Kg
  • Black, 1Kg


  • Red etc. on request for MOQ

CDG Advanced Engineering Software banner


CDG promote the three leading software products: Geomagic, Cimatron, Simcon

We have created a new banner to show the workflow from scan-cad-part-analysis-optimisation:-

CDG 3D Software

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