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Wood material launched for CubePro


A new Wood based filament is now available for the CubePro.

3D Systems is pleased to announce the release of Wood material for the CubePro. This merging of tradition and technology combines the timelessness of wood and the possibilities and precision of the CubePro 3D printer. Comprised of a blend of wood shavings and plastic, Wood is a material that captures the aesthetic, feel, and smell of wood.


CubePro Wood contains wood fibers that can be treated in a variety of ways to achieve various results. Parts can be sanded and finished with stains and paint.

Recommended Tools: • Modeler’s knife • Wood glue • Sandpaper • Spray bottle • Brushes • Stain • Stain Pens • Paint • Clear coat

Sanding: Parts can be sanded using different coarseness of sand paper. Use a modelers knife to trim away any unwanted seams or drooping lines. For a smooth finish, begin sanding with coarse sandpaper and then gradually reduce the coarseness of the sandpaper until the part has been sanded smooth.

Colouring: There are many options available to produce your desired results. Paints and stains can be effective and applying multiple layers of stain can darken the part even more.

Shadowing: Effects Shadowing can be very effective to enhance the features of the part.


CubePro wood material

Nukeproof 3D Printing CubePro video


Nukeproof produce innovative new bike parts using CubePro 3D Printer, as supplied by CDG…


See time lapsed demo of Nukeproof bike parts being printed on CubePro…


Full article:


The Nukeproof design team says…

“Both the new Horizon Comp and Horizon Pro pedals are stiffer and lighter than our previous models thanks to the detailed Engineering and development that went into their design.  The design was optimised using 3D CAD and computer aided analysis to ensure the maximum strength and stiffness for the minimum weight, with multiple physical iterations possible thanks to our in house 3D printing technology.

With the 3D printer in-house we can quickly and cost effectively evaluate and test new design directions – with the new Nylon material option especially useful for physical test prototypes.  We have therefore optimised stiffness of the pedal platform, weight and durability of the pedal body without sacrificing any unnecessary development time!”


Nukeproof CubePro 3D Printer

ProJet 2500 Printer at CES


3DS Press Release 5th Jan: At CES 2016 3D Systems will preview the ProJet MJP 2500 Series 3D printers, which are in beta testing. Combining professional grade 3D printing capabilities with an affordable, office-friendly footprint and easy part processing, the ProJet MJP 2500 Series is designed to enable a broader range of professionals to create precision parts without leaving their workplace.

CDG are there to view the printer for our UK customers. Email to find out more...

ProX 320 Direct Metal Printer


3D Systems announced the availability of the ProX™ DMP 320, the latest addition to the company's line of direct metal 3D printers. The ProX DMP 320 is designed for high precision, high throughput direct metal printing and optimized for critical applications requiring complex, chemically-pure titanium, stainless steel or nickel super alloy parts.

The ProX DMP 320 sets a new standard for productivity in metal 3D printing. With exchangeable manufacturing modules, the ProX DMP 320 supports rapid material change or replenishment, allowing manufacturers to keep pace with demanding production cycles and enabling efficient powder recycling. The printer also features preset build parameters developed from the outcome of nearly half-a-million builds, providing predictable and repeatable print quality for virtually any geometry.
The ProX DMP 320 offers a large 275mm x 275mm x 420mm build volume. Designed to enable critical industrial applications, including those in aerospace, automotive and healthcare, the ProX DMP 320 comes in two configurations, one optimized for titanium and one optimized for stainless steel and nickel super alloy. With centralized maintenance management, reduced argon gas consumption and serial manufacturing workflow support, the ProX DMP 320 also offers competitive operating cost advantages.
"With the ProX DMP 320, we've leveraged our collective expertise in metal additive manufacturing to pair best-in-class productivity and repeatability with exceptional outcomes in key industrial materials," said Mark Wright, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, 3D Systems. "We've been working closely with leading customers through extensive beta testing of this machine and the feedback we have received distinguishes this printer as one primed to transform expectations for timelines, process and results."

NOW available in the UK from CDG


ProX 320

ProJet 3600 MultiJet Printer


3D Systems have announced...the company’s new MJP MultiJet 3D Printer, the ProJet 3600. Think of the ProJet 3500 but with TWICE the speed. High speed AND super high quality parts in one printer! More information to follow.

NOW available in the UK from CDG

ProJet 3600 3D Printer

ProJet 3600 3D Printer overview

3D Since 93


CDG have been at the forefront of 3D technologies since 1993. We continue to be the leading player in the market and a trusted company with real longevity. Time after time, we are always one step ahead of the competition...

- first independent 3D CAD & CAE service & training provider

- first 3D solid modelling certified engineering provider

- first to combine 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, 3D CADCAM into one replication service

- first to create a 3D mankin from scan data

- first Advanced certified reseller for 3D Systems

- first 3DS UK reseller to sell Direct Metal printers

CDG can also help your business be first.


CDG 3D Since 93

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