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5 New materials for ProJet 1200


3D Systems have announced 5 new micro-SLA materials for the ProJet 1200 that expands this technology into more applications. Attached are some slides with images for the ouput. We are informed the new materials will be shipping before the end of 2014.


VisiJet FTX Cast

This is a wax/resin hybrid material developed specifically for easy and effective direct casting applications using standard methods and materials to achieve high precision results for applications from jewellery manufacturing to small medical devices.

visijet ftx cast material


VisiJet FTX Gold & FTX Silver

These metallic plastic materials enable stunning jewellery samples and presentation models as well as prototypes and models requiring a metallic look. Gold and silver coloured particles are embedded in the material resulting in a glimmering metallic finish exclusive to 3D Systems.

visijet ftx gold silver material

VisiJet FTX Gray

This is an ideal new material for printing professional, precise parts for toys, figurines, model aircraft and engineering prototypes with fine detail. The high-contrast opaque gray colour accentuates details and provides a superior base colour for painted items.

visijet ftx grey material


VisiJet FTX Clear

This is a new transparent clear material for prototyping, modelmaking and even end-use applications. Parts printed in this material exhibit a hint of iridescence for stunning appearance. Applications range from crystal pendants to precision small prototype and end-use components or anywhere else a clear plastic part prototype is needed.

visijet ftx grey material

For more information please email or call 01420 88645

End of Year 3D Printer Sale


CDG are offering a range of Ex-demo and 2nd-User 3D Printers for sale. Each printer is sold as a one-off on a first-come first-served basis. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

The list of 3D Printers "for sale" includes:-


  • New CubeX-Duo turnkey solution price £3,265
  • Ex-demo price TBA
  • Build dims 275x265x240mm
  • PJP plastic filament technology
  • Material ABS or PLA

ZPrinter Z310

  • Manufacturers list price £14,895
  • 2nd-User price £4,950
  • Build dims 203x254x203mm
  • HP10 based ZCorp technology
  • Material ZP151 plaster

ZPrinter Z450

  • Manufacturers list price £28,380
  • 2nd-User price £10,950
  • Build dims 203x254x203mm
  • HP11 based ZCorp technology
  • Material ZP151 plaster

ZPrinter Z510

  • Manufacturers list price £34,865
  • 2nd-User price £12,500
  • Build dims 381x254x203mm
  • CJP ColourJet Printing technology
  • Material ZP151 plaster

ProJet 3500 HD Max

  • New ProJet 3500 HDMax turnkey solution price £70,000
  • Ex-demo price TBA
  • Build dims 298x185x203mm
  • MultiJet Printing technology
  • Material acrylic plastic


All prices quoted exclude VAT. Terms are payment in full prior to shipment. All equipment is offered, subject to availablity. CDG reserve the right to amended or withdraw any offers stated.

To reserve your 3D Printer, please call Grant on 01420 88645 or email

CDG 3D Printer sale

UKs 1st 3DSystems Advanced Certified Reseller


Congratulations from 3DSystems to CDG! You have met all the requirements of the 3D Systems Advanced Certified Reseller Program, and are now officially an Advanced Certified Reseller. Thank you for showing your professionalism and customer focus by achieving this Certification. We are proud to be your partner.

Roger A Kelesoglu, Vice President, 3DS Channel Customer Support


3D Systems Advanced Reseller

Amazing Underwater Sculpture


CDG's 3D technology services were employed by artist Jason deCaires Taylor in creating this amazing underwater sculpture, now installed at Nassau in the Bahamas. To find out how our digital 3D technology can help you create the best digital and physical models, please contact Graham Walker on 01420 88645 or email us at




Image courtesy of Jason DeCaires Taylor

Please visit for more amazing images.

CubePro in stock


CDG have received a new batch of CubePro 3D Printers. Order yours today!

CubePro 3D Printer delivery

3D Technology Products summary


CDG have created a new electronic and printed leaflet summarising our extensive product range. Click on the link below for an electronic copy...

3D Scanners & 3D Printers

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