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Cultural Heritage 3D seminar on 31st July


As part of the 3D-CoForm exhibition at the University of Brighton, CDG in-conjunction with the V&A Museum are hosting a seminar to promote the use of 3D Technologies in Cultural Heritage.

Date: Tuesday 31st July

Time: 10am to 4pm

Venue: University of Brighton

To attend: call 01420 88645

Or email: grant.cameron

CT Scanning service


CDG can now offer a CT scanning service to enable the 3D capture of internal features to high resolution and accuracy. When combined with our optical scanning, this creates a unique opportunity for us to capture complex shapes, both with internal and external features, in one turnkey solution.

The data output from the process can be in a number of formats including STL, IGES and STP.

3DS announce ProJet 3500


25 April 2012: 3D Systems announce the new ProJet 3500 3D Printer. For companies wanting the best quality parts, with the abitlity to print smooth surfaces, fine detail and thin walls, the PJ3500 is unique in the market. The PJ3500 uses the MJM mulitjet modelling technology and the printhead are offered with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

VisiJet materials options include:-

Crystal - for tough clear plastic

Proplast - low cost

Navy - blue plastic

Techplast - grey plastic

Procast - blue castable plastic

ProWax - foundry casting wax (ligh blue)

Hi-cast - foundry cast wax (dark blue)

Stoneplast - dental plastic

Dentcast - dental wax





New Z850 ZPrinter is launched


23rd April 2012: 3D Systems launched the new ZPrinter Z850, offering users with the largest build volume for full colour printing - more than twice the capacity of the Z650.

Key Features:-

  • 508 x 381 x 229mm build volume
  • 600 x 540 dpi resolution
  • CYMK full colour printing
  • Automated powder management
  • New stand-alone powder recycling station

Geomagic acquires Sensable Freeform Clay Modelling


Geomagic has completed the acquisition of Sensable Technology Inc's 3D design and haptics business. Sensable is the leading developer of volumetric CADCAM solutions and inventor of the Phantom force-feedback haptic device. Sensable's solutions include Freeform and Clay Tools, as well as tool which help preprare models for manufacuting including draft analysis and creation of complex parting lines and surfaces.

In-Vivo Seminar on 29th & 30th May


Eotech are coming to the UK soon as part of the launch of the new 3D Scanners for Life Science applciations; in particular for dermatology and cosmetics. The three key products are VisioSphere DermaTop and Aeva scanners, all with specialist software applications.

Seminar dates are confirmed as:

- Tuesday 29th May

- Wednesday 30th May

Please call 01420 88645 for more details.

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