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Cube 3D Printers - January Sale Now On!


Choose between Silver, White, Green & Magenta.
Save £££ by ordering in January.
Offer is whilst stocks last.

Cube 3D Printer Sale

New Sense 3D Scanner


The NEW Sense 3D Scanner is now available from CDG for an incredible £299 plus delivery plus VAT. The first batch of scanners is already nearly sold out, so we recommend you reserve your scanner today, as demend is very high.

The Sense 3D has the most diverse scan range in its class, with auto-optimized settings for small objects to people and scenes as large as 3 metres tall and wide. The Sense scanner works perfectly with the new Cubify software, such as Sculpt, and the Cube & CubeX 3D Printers. So look out for the bundled packages we have on offer on the website.

Capture your world in 3D!

Sense 3D Scanner CDG

Value packs are available with copies of Cubify Invent, Sculpt and Design 3D software, plus Cube & CubeX 3D Printers.Sense 3D Scanner CubeX Duo Pack

Invent, Design & Sculpt 3D Software Now Available


CDG now have software packages that work perfectly with the New Sense 3D Scanner and the Cube & CubeX 3D Printers. Carefully selected bundles have been put together to provide you with everything you need to engineer models from scratch and at incredible prices.

Cubify Invent Software - Easy to learn 3D design software – now you can turn any idea you have into something that's real. With Cubify Invent you can make your ideas come to life.

Cubify Design Software - Cubify Design is your go-to toolbox for advanced modeling projects. Take advantage of powerful CAD features like complex assemblies and functionality of parts. Share with 2D drawings and easily export to your 3D printer when ready. Cubify Design is the perfect modeling software for printing with the CubeX 3D printer.

Cubify Sculpt Software - Organic or clay modeling has never been easier. Sculpt with virtual clay from scratch, scan and import your STL or bring in an existing STL to modify.

Invent Design Sculpt Software

New in the scanner portfolio: StereoSCAN-R16


The product range of the breuckmann scanners has been expanded by adding a new high-precision version of the stereoSCAN. The stereoSCAN-R16 is now equipped with two 16 megapixel cameras, which means that the measurement data is calculated on the basis of 32 megapixels. The system is characterized by an extremely high resolution detail and measuring accuracy which to date has only been achievable by using coordinate measuring systems.


stereo scan r16


This system configuration is predominantly used in the context of large-scale measuring fields, with the operator being able to choose to focus either on the highest camera resolution or the fastest data acquisition, thus ensuring that each 3D scanning project is processed using the best suited system configuration. The resulting large data volumes are processed by the measuring and evaluation software OPTOCAT and used for the most diverse analysis tasks.

Z450 3D Printer available at Half Price - SOLD


CDG have just received a Z450 3D Printer in near perfect condition. We are offering the printer as part of a turnkey solution including 12 months warranty with on-site support, starter kit of materials, training, delivery and installation. Available on a first-come first-served basis. Please take a look under the menu "2nd-User Systems".


University of Surrey partner with CDG for new 3D Printing facility


Monday 18th November, CDG attended the official opening of Surrey University's Engineering Design Centre. The opening showcased the recent investment in the new workshop, project team focused design and new prototyping equipment. One essential part of the facility is the capability of the ProJet 3510SD for making highly accurate functional prototypes in a range of materials, which will have an exciting impact on the Formula Student racing team's design engineering process.

Alan Packwood, Senior Tutor at the University (pictured left) was delighted to have partnered with CDG on this important project. Grant Cameron, Managing Director of CDG (pictured right).


Surrey Uni 3500 3D Printer

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