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Einscan-Pro 2X enhanced 3D scanner


Einscan-Pro represents a gold standard for digitizing 3D objects in an easy, versatile way, and the latest version makes some very meaningful improvements on the EinScan’s powerful technology. The world of handheld scanners just got a major upgrade. The Einscan Pro 2X is faster and more accurate than ever before...



It’s core offering includes:

  • High definition: Einscan Pro 2X features an enhanced Handheld HD Scan Mode and enlarged scan range
  • Handle large objects with ease: The Pro 2X excels at capturing medium to large size objects with high efficiency
  • Extreme versatility: The Pro 2X is able to meet the demands of a very wide range of applications, which is why it is such a cost-effective solution.


Outstanding Scan Performance


The Einscan Pro X2 boasts incredible speed and efficiency, allowing you to scan large objects in minimum time.

  • Scan Speed (Handheld Rapid Scan): 30 ftps (1,500,000 points/s)
  • Scan Speed (Handheld HD Scan): 20 ftps (1,100,000 points/s)
  • Enlarged Scan Range: 312 X 204 mm


The Pro X2 is also highly accurate, ensuring that fine details are captured every time.

  • Scan Accuracy (Fixed Scan): 0.04 mm
  • Volumetric Accuracy (Handheld HD Scan): 0.05 mm+0.3 mm/m
  • Minimum Point Distance (Handheld HD Scan): 0.2 mm


Highly Portable and User-Friendly


With a lightweight and compact size, you can easily take the EinScan Pro 2X Plus anywhere just like a laptop. Enjoy plug-and-play installation, so you’re up-and-running in no time!

  • Package Size: 37 × 36.5 × 13.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.13kg

Intamsys launch PEEK 3D printer Funmat Pro 410 HT


 The new Funmat Pro 410 HT 3D printer offers:

- large 305 x 305 x 406mm build volume

- dual printheads

- new PEEK support material

- 450 deg C extruder temp

- 160 deg C platform temp

- 90 deg C chamber temp

- heated compartment for filament

- ceramic build plate

- auto bed levelling

- open source filament

Intamsys at Formnext 2018

Converting 3MF to STL file format


The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF), a Joint Development Foundation project established to develop an advanced 3D printing file format, has announced that 17 companies have adopted its 3MF platform.

“Wide adoption of 3MF is occurring because 3MF is a modern 3D printing file format designed with manufacturing in mind. For additive manufacturing, 3MF completely replaces STL, OBJ and VRML file formats, eliminating many interoperability issues,” said Adrian Lannin, Executive Director, 3MF.

Such companies utilising the 3MF 3D printing format include 3D Systems.

The 3MF Consortium was formed in 2015, to address the issues with currently available file formats to enable design applications for “full fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, platforms, services, and printers.”

An advanced 3D printing file format 

Designed specifically for the additive manufacturing process, 3MF includes material and properties, production, beam lattice, and slice extensions. The new format contains the necessary model, material and property information in a single archive.

Furthermore, this format provides clear language and conformance tests to ensure a file is consistent from digital to physical. On the other hand, the commonly used STL format exclusively stores information about the vertices and the normal vector of a 3D model. 

A 3MF 3D model. Image via 3MF.
A 3MF 3D model. Image via 3MF.

Converting 3MF to STL

Cimatron CADCAM software can be used to import 3MF files and convert to STL. CDG represent 3D Systems and Cimatron in the UK market. 

Figure-4 launch at Advanced MFG Open Day in Alton


Please come and see the new Figure-4 3D printer at the Advanced MFG (3D Printing inc. modelling & production) Open Day on 22nd November.

Space is limited so please book asap.

Advanced MFG Open Day

Figure-4 launch at Digital Summit in Liverpool


Please come and see the new Figure-4 3D printer at the Digital Summit in Liverpool on 8th November.

Space is limited so please book asap.

Digital Summit Liverpool

CDG now in Manchester


CDG have expanded with a new operation in Manchester to cover the Midlands, North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Contact: Neil Jones

mobile: 07394 802096

office: 01420 88645


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