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3D Systems Figure-4 Open Days


3D Systems is pleased to announce that we will be touring the UK to demonstrate our new Figure 4 Standalone professional 3D printer. Figure 4 is a revolutionary 3D printing system, delivering ultra-fast print speeds and exceptional part quality at truly affordable prices, whether you’re an enterprise manufacturer or small business. Attend our live Figure 4 live technology demonstration to learn about this turnkey technology that will change how you think about rapid prototyping and agile manufacturing!

Reserve your place today at one of the following locations through February 2019!

09:30am – 12:30pm

• February 13th - Bristol Cricket Club, The Pavilion - with CDG
• February 14th - 3D Systems, High Wycombe - with CDG
• February 15th - University of Strathclyde, Innovation Centre - with CDG

Or visit us at:

• February 5th - 7th, Southern Manufacturing Show, Farnborough with CDG (on Stand N220)

To Register, please email:-

with your preferred date / venue and number of attendees.

3DSystems Figure-4 Open Day

Two Powerful New Materials for the Omni 3D


Introducing THERMEC™ ZED and XSTRAND™ GF30-PP. These two exciting new materials are the perfect companion for the Omni 3D, our flagship FFF 3D printer with a 0.5m³ build volume.

THERMEC™ ZED combines PEEK-like properties with easier printing and post-processing, while XSTRAND™ GF30-PP is over two times stronger and stiffer than standard ABS and PA6 filaments.


from Italian filament specialist Filoalfa

THERMEC™ ZED is a thermoplastic filament, purpose-built for high-end applications that require a high level of chemical resistance as well as exceptional mechanical properties.

It is an excellent alternative to PEEK, but a lot easier to print and post-process.


— Chemically inert, unaffected by know solvents up to 200°C
— Flame retardant and self-extinguishing
— Highly elastic and resilient
— Excellent layer adhesion, for minimal warping


Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6, from US composites specialist Owens Corning

The XSTRAND™ line aims to take additive manufacturing performance to the next level. Its GF30-PP glass fiber filament is no different, boasting strength and resilience well-above many popular materials for FFF printing, including carbon-fiber filled ABS, neat PP and standard PA6.

It is up to 250% stronger and stiffer when compared against competitive ABS and PA6 filaments, making it ideal for functional prototyping and industrial applications.


— Very stiff and strong
— Excellent layer adhesion, for a greatly reduced warping effect
— Large operational temperature, ranging from -20°C to 120°C
— Good chemical and UV resistance

Forget tooling with 3D Systems' Figure-4


Introducing 3D Systems’ Figure-4, an ultra-fast SLA 3D printer which combines the speed and scalability of a factory machinery with the versatility of 3D printing. Thanks to developments in robotics, CAD/CAM software, 3D printing materials, and SLA technology, it is now possible to mass-produce parts without tooling, and Figure-4 is the industry’s first tool-free digital moulding solution.

3D Systems Figure 4 production UI module3D Systems Figure 4 production print engine module3D Systems Figure 4 production print engine module3D Systems Figure 4 production print engine module with cleaning station

Figure-4 Production: in 1984, Chuck Hull came up with an innovative solution for the rapid production of SLA parts. Now, more than 30 years later, those ideas have finally been realised.



Figure 4 Production features up to 15 times faster print speeds than other 3D printing technologies, automated material handling, and integrated post-processing, making its throughput and time-to-part the fastest of any additive manufacturing technology in the world.


Up to 20% lower part cost compared to traditionally manufactured parts and operations, with no time or money lost to tooling. Thanks to a high-degree of automation, it is possible to achieve high productivity with minimal hands-on processes.


Figure-4 can print in over 30 materials, for a broad range of requirements. These include strong, rigid materials for production applications; castable materials optimized for jewelry patterns; and elastomeric materials ideal for iteration and design verification of rubber-like parts.

Easy to Scale

For those who want immediate scale, the Figure-4 Production is a fantastic solution. For others who want to scale more gradually, the Figure-4 Modular is perfect, allowing users to continually add print cells as and when the need arises.

3D Systems Figure 4 Material Parts

Figure-4 Production

Industry’s first scalable, fully-integrated factory solution for direct 3D production

Figure-4 Standalone

Expandable, modular 3D production solution designed to scale with growth

Figure-4 Modular

Ultra-fast and affordable for same-day prototyping and low-volume production

Technical Specifications

Printable Build Volume (xyz): 124.8 x 70.2 x 346 mm (4.9 x 2.8 x 13.6 in)

Throughput: Up to 1 print job per minute (part geometry dependent)

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Pixel Pitch: 65 microns (0.0025 in) (390.8 effective PPI)

Wavelength: 405 nm

Build Materials: 30+ UV curable materials, including:
• Industrial plastic resins
• NextDent biocompatible dental resins
• Orthodontic tooling resins
• Custom materials (additional cost)

Native File Format: PXL native via 3D Sprint

Input Data File Formats Supported: STL, CTL, OBJ, PLY, ZPR, ZBD, AMF, WRL, 3DS, FBX, IGES, IGS, STEP, STP and X_T

Xmas Shutdown


The CDG offices will be closed from 12pm on Mon 24th Dec to 9am on Weds 2nd Jan. 

Please email as this email address will be monitored out of hours.

Season Greetings!

CDG Xmas message

Introducing the Enhanced FUNMAT HT


The world of desktop printers just got an exciting new upgrade. This week, Intamsys announced the release of an improved version of their FUNMAT HT 3D printer, the so-called "Enhanced FUNMAT HT".

The printer's new features include three of the most requested improvements from FUNMAT users, including: 

  • auto-levelling;
  • 4 independent drivers; 
  • a ceramic glass build plate.


This new feature makes print preparation easy and convenient. Instead of spending time tinkering with settings, you can now get straight to printing.

Check out the video below to see the new auto-levelling feature in action.



Each of these four new drivers is optimised for high-performance. Together, they are responsible for filament loading and controlling the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis.  This powerful new addition brings significant improvements to print precision and speed, as well as to the reliability of the equipment.



Out with the old and in with the new! In the Enhanced FUNMAT HT, Borosilicate Glass is replaced with Ceramic Glass replaces , which has higher inflexibility and less thermal deformation. Plus, the addition of PI film increases the printer's heating efficiency.

Left: the old Borosilicate Glass build plate. Right: the new Ceramic Glass build plate.

What’s new in December


There’s a lot of software to be excited about this month, plus a major development in the world of handheld scanners

This month has seen the release of several powerful new software packages from Geomagic and Sinterit, as well as the EinScan Pro 2X, the fastest and most powerful iteration of Shining’s celebrated handheld scanners.



Geomagic Freeform 2019

Learn more…




Geomagic Design X 2019

Learn more...


Sinterit Studio 2019

Learn more…




Einscan Pro 2X

Learn more...

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