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Here at CDG, we offer support services for 3D printer owners across the UK. If your machines’ downtime is costing you too much time and money, our service will give you priority access to our team of highly-trained engineers. We pride ourselves on offering an open, professional and efficient 3D printer support service, and the following are hallmarks of our support service.

1. Helpful

Our case system ensures that whenever there’s a support enquiry, those involved will get a full record of the problem and the steps taken to solve it. We take great care to respond to every single enquiry, and when time must be taken for problem diagnosis or the arrival of spare parts, we make sure to be proactive at keeping you informed.

“CDG Support Engineer visited yesterday and did some troubleshooting, as ever with your team super polite, helpful and great company.”

2. Experienced

We pride ourselves on offering the most transparent 3D printing support service in the UK. We’re open about every stage of the support process, and we don’t want to tie our customers in knots with obscure language or confusing small print.

“The service was impeccable as expected… CDG Support Team have been pro-active and in fact gone above and beyond.”

3. Fast Response

Often, when a machine requires servicing, most time is lost waiting for the arrival of spare parts. We get around this by also stocking spare parts. For common issues, that enables us to begin working on your machine much sooner. We also stock a wide variety of consumables, allowing us to offer next working day delivery so long as a material is in-stock and ordered by 3 pm.

“All good, all done, CDG Support Team is great. Will be printing tonight and sending log files tomorrow. ... very happy.”

Which 3D printers do we support?

Our team of engineers are able to service a wide variety of 3D printers. We are partnered with 3D Systems (inc. ProJet, Figure-4, FabPro), Omni, Sinterit, Intamsys, Fusion, ZCorp and ZMorph and so we are particularly experienced with their range of products. Why not give us a call and ask about your specific machine?

Find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about the packages we offer or request a quote, feel free to give us a ring at 01420 88645 or email our support team at

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