Three new ProJet 2500 MJP materials


Three new exciting materials are now available for the ProJet 2500 Plus MJP 3D printer:-

  • VisiJet Armor - clear ABS like material
  • VisiJet Grey - Class VI medical grade material
  • VisiJet ProFlex - Polypropylene like material

VisiJet ARMOR, clear ABS-like engineering plastic

VisiJet Armor is ideal for applications requiring a balance of strength and toughness in a clear material. A tough, ABS-like clear performance plastic, VisiJet® Armor M2G-CL material for the ProJet MJP 2500 Plus exhibits an exceptional mix of tensile strength and flex. Versatile across a wide range of applications, VisiJet Armor delivers advanced prototyping performance to meet almost any engineering need.

ProJet 2500 ABS material

VisiJet GREY, USP Class VI & ISO10993 certified material

VisiJet GRY material exhibits rigid function with a rigid primer grey finish. The high visual contrast of VisiJet M2R-GRY makes it ideal for functional applications requiring accurate detailing. As a USP Class VI certified material, it enables use in medical applications such as surgical guides. High contrast rigid grey plastic is exceptional for viewing details.

3d systems projet mjp 2500 visiJet m2r gry diag case snap-fit closure

VisiJet PROFLEX , strong Polypropylene-like material with pliability

VisiJet® ProFlex M2G–DUR material is ideal for living hinge applications as well as a range of applications requiring durability and extreme pliability. This polypropylene-like semi-rigid clear plastic delivers an effective combination of high impact resistance and extreme flex to provide robust engineering-grade performance.

ProJet 2500 flex polypropylene material

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