Two Powerful New Materials for the Omni 3D


Introducing THERMEC™ ZED and XSTRAND™ GF30-PP. These two exciting new materials are the perfect companion for the Omni 3D, our flagship FFF 3D printer with a 0.5m³ build volume.

THERMEC™ ZED combines PEEK-like properties with easier printing and post-processing, while XSTRAND™ GF30-PP is over two times stronger and stiffer than standard ABS and PA6 filaments.


from Italian filament specialist Filoalfa

THERMEC™ ZED is a thermoplastic filament, purpose-built for high-end applications that require a high level of chemical resistance as well as exceptional mechanical properties.

It is an excellent alternative to PEEK, but a lot easier to print and post-process.


— Chemically inert, unaffected by know solvents up to 200°C
— Flame retardant and self-extinguishing
— Highly elastic and resilient
— Excellent layer adhesion, for minimal warping


Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6, from US composites specialist Owens Corning

The XSTRAND™ line aims to take additive manufacturing performance to the next level. Its GF30-PP glass fiber filament is no different, boasting strength and resilience well-above many popular materials for FFF printing, including carbon-fiber filled ABS, neat PP and standard PA6.

It is up to 250% stronger and stiffer when compared against competitive ABS and PA6 filaments, making it ideal for functional prototyping and industrial applications.


— Very stiff and strong
— Excellent layer adhesion, for a greatly reduced warping effect
— Large operational temperature, ranging from -20°C to 120°C
— Good chemical and UV resistance

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