NILS 480 new SLS 3D Printer from Sinterit

NILS from Sinterit


NILS 480 is the new SLS 3D Printer from Sinterit is now available to pre-order for shipping in Q1 2022.

NILS 480 SLS 3D printer product & specification

Product Highlights

  • NILS = New Industrial Laser Sintering
  • Build speed 10-14mm/hr
  • Build volume 200 x 200 x 330mm
  • 50 parameters
  • 30W high-speed galvo laser
  • APDS auto filling of powder
  • CPS ability to print two jobs at once


  • PA12
  • PA11 Onyx
  • PA11 ESD
  • PP Polypropylene
  • Flexa Grey
  • Flexa Bright
  • Flexa Soft
  • TPE
  • PA–CF [NEW]

NILS 480 SLS from Sinterit

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