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Pawel Robak CEO of Omni3D – interview for 3DNatives

Omni3D is the first Polish manufacturer of industrial 3D printers in FFF technology. Interview by Madeleine Prior from 3DNatives (read full interview).

CDG & Omni3D

CDG have been UK partners for Omni3D since 2016. Find out more about their products including:-

About Omni3D

Pawel Robak, CEO of Omni3D, starts by explaining the mission of his brand. “We want to deliver best-in-class 3D printing solutions in order to bring exceptional dimensional accuracy and stable prints. I pride myself on delivering solutions that would increase the capital value of our customers by both significant reduction of production costs and increase of returns on investments.

3DNatives asked Pawel about the current rebranding of Omni3D. The CEO explained what is the problem for the brand in term of brand recognition on the world market; “We are delivering on our promise to have these top solutions but still are not known in wider audiences. Besides marketing tools which we have started to use in a regular manner to grow brand awareness, there is also a necessity to equalise brand and product names. We want to aggregate industrial products, both actual ones and new ones.”

Omni3d extruder

How Omni3D products can help you in strategy and solves your current problem?

Pawel Robak started to explained the range of application that Omni3D including aerospace, automotive, defence and electronics. He also add “We are constantly developing a material portfolio which is compatible with our system, therefore the spectrum of problems we are able to resolve increases every month.” He also gives an overview about what is the strategy at the moment for omni3D in terms of department they want to reach “Actual mainstream is to deliver stable solutions to maintenance departments eg. spare parts, production tools or final parts from CF PA12, PEKK, PC ABS or ESD certified specifically to the railway industry”

Factory 2.0

Any new 3D Printer planned to be release soon?

Pawel states; “As the range of applications grows dramatically we have to follow the natural trend of development of our systems.” he continues with “We want to keep the big chamber we are well known for, but the actual development of the new materials will also increase the drive to produce and install systems which will be more sophisticated with less opportunity to make mistakes by end users. In such an environment we want to deliver a new solution with the possibility to cover 98% of existing materials, keeping accuracy and repeatability at the highest levels with an easy to use interface at an affordable price. The new system will be dedicated to the most demanding sectors,  such as defence and transportation, with additional value to printing on demand bureaus.”

About Pawel Robak

Pawel became the CEO of OMNI3D in May 2017. “After graduating from the University of Economics, I started to work in finance as a CFO for over 20 years. As an enthusiast of the new technologies I decided to switch to the CEO position in one of the most promising Polish companies in Industry 4.0.” He carries on about what was statement and his reasons to join OMni3D as a CEO; “OMNI3D was set up in 2013 and after the conceptual stage investors were looking for somebody who can develop strategy and put proper, scalable 3D printing solutions on the market.

Pawel Robak CEO Omni3D



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