AquaTek PVA Support 500g

AquaTek PVA Support 500g

AquaTek PVA Attributes:

Superior to traditional PVA

Faster solubility in tap water vs. traditional PVA

Adheres very well to PLA as well as Nylon, PVB, and TPU


AquaTek PVA Support Radar Chart

Biodegradable – safe to dispose of at home or office

Ideal for use on any desktop 3D printer that utilizes support material

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Product description

AquaTek PVA Support Filament

This is an advanced water-soluble support filament based on a new generation of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol, PVOH). This filament is ideal for printing complex parts using PLA, PVB, Nylon, and TPU.  AquaTek PVA is tap water-soluble and is easily removed from the printed part with room-temp water.

Technical Specifications

Aquatek PVA Support Data Sheet




  • Keep sealed between uses – filament becomes tacky if exposed to general humidity for extended periods of time.