Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black 1kg

Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black 1kg

Figure 4 High Temp HT150 FR Black is a rigid, flame-retardant black material.

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Product description

Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black 1kg

Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black makes it easy to achieve tough, beautiful matte black, flame-retardant (FR) parts with high degrees of accuracy and detail. 3D Systems is excited to introduce a new FR material that distinguishes itself by being tough coupled with an exceptional elongation of break that measures as high as 45%.

This material delivers exceptional results in many key performance areas including fire resistance, fluid compatibility, UV stability, paint adhesion, and mechanical properties. Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black is production-grade and stable. Parts were tested to 8 years of indoor and 1-year outdoor mechanical performance per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 methods.

Some of the industries that this material is ideally suited for includes aerospace, automotive, transportation, and consumer products.

Material delivers:

  • Self-extinguishing, flame-retardant material ​​​​​
  • Capable of plating and painting
  • No secondary thermal cure required
  • Outstanding fluid compatibility with fuel turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, and IPA
  • Achieve production efficiencies due to a shared base chemistry with SLA version of Tough FR V0 Black

Application examples include:

  • Aircraft electrical connectors, knobs, grommets, and spacers
  • End-use manufacturing of high-volume, small plastic parts
  • Printed circuit board covers
  • Electrical and under-hood housings
  • Tough covers, hangers, and brackets
  • Flame retardant parts for trains and buses