FreeScan Trak Pro 2 [large volume laser scanner]

FreeScan Trak Pro 2 [large volume laser scanner]

FreeScan Trak Pro is a portable wireless CMM scanning system for scanning large objects.

Technology Laser
Field of view 600 x 500mm
Accuracy from 23 microns
Handling Handheld
Software FreeScan
Attributes Large objects, tracking system

Product description

Shining3D FreeScan Trak Pro 2

Based on SHINING 3D’s latest technology, the optical tracker is capable of capturing the spatial position of the scanner structure in real time. The FreeScan Trak Pro offers a portable, efficient, and reliable 3D measurement solution.

The system helps the operator to rid the time-consuming process of sticking markers. This makes it simple to obtain the 3D data of medium to large size objects with metrology-grade accuracy. It is suitable for various static and dynamic applications, including large scale 3D inspection in aerospace, automotive, shipping and energy industries etc.


  • Scan Technology: Laser 17 pairs of cross lines + 7 parallel lines
  • Accuracy: Up to 0.023mm
  • Volumetric accuracy: 0.072 mm in 16 m³
  • Resolution: from 0.050mm
  • Connection Type: Support wireless and wired connection
  • FreeScan Trak light source: Infrared LED
  • Scanner weight: 1.47kg
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 –40°C


Dynamic Referencing: The markers are used to create a reference structure system. The tracker or the part can be moved freely during measurement, allowing users to scan in unstable environment.

Metrology-grade measurements: The accuracy is up to 0.023mm and the resolution can be up to 0.050mm. The system has high repeatability.

Wireless technology: No physical cables between the tracker and the scanner. Use a precise wireless technology between the two terminals to setup 3D scan measurement system.

3D Scanner:

Independent working mode: The scanner retains the light source and can be used as a standalone scanner to do some scanning jobs.

AIRMASTER wireless solution: The scanner can be adapted to AIRMASTER™ and does not need any cable connections to the computer or to the optical tracker.

FreeScan Trak Pro sample scan data

CMM Optional Accessory

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