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FreeScan UE7 Laser scanner: inspection-grade

FreeScan UE7 Laser scanner: inspection-grade

FreeScan UE7 weights only 670g, it 3D scans black and reflective surfaces, with a 510 x 520mm scan area, and a scan speed of 650,000 pts/s.

Model UE7
Laser lines 14+1
Speed pt/s 650,000
Accuracy 40 microns
Resolution 50 microns
Field of View 510 x 520mm
Weight 670g

Product description

FreeScan UE 3D laser scanner

FreeScan UE 3D laser scanner has been developed to cater to the needs and requirements of industry professionals and at the same time provide efficient and reliable solutions to tackle the challenges they are facing in their everyday working life. The Shining 3D team has developed the latest FreeScan handheld laser 3D scanner to foster excellency and high performance, even in complex and difficult operation environments, and is suitable for expert users and beginners alike.

Main features of the FreeScan UE include; High Accuracy & Stable Repeatability boasting 0.02mm stable accuracy delivering highly precise results independently and in many diverse application environments.

Portable & Light Weight

The device weights only 670g, facilitating handheld scanning easily avoiding user fatigue and supports the scanning of black and reflective surfaces accommodating a wide range of scanning applications. The scan area can reach 510 x 520mm providing a large field of view for a smoother and more efficient scanning experience.

Seamless Docking to Inspection Software

A totally new UI software provides a user-friendly operating system with simple software setup and guidance through the whole workflow process, allowing users to master the operation with ease. The scan data can be imported into third-party inspection software’s including Control X, Verisurf Inspect and Einsense Q with one click further increasing inspection efficiency.

FreeScan UE7 vs UE11 Comparison Chart

Model UE7 UE11
Laser lines 14+1 22+1
Speed pt/s 650,000 1,020,000
Accuracy 40 microns 20 microns
Resolution 50 microns 50 microns
Field of View 510 x 520mm 510 x 520mm
Weight 670g 670g
Guide Price £14,500 £18,750

FreeScan UE YouTube video

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FreeScan UE 3D Scanner