Funmat Pro 310 IDEX

Funmat Pro 310 IDEX

New IDEX dual head 3D printer from Intamsys. Fast, versatile, reliable, open source.

Product description

Funmat Pro 310 – New IDEX dual-head 3D printer from Intamsys

IDEX dual nozzle system

Independent dual extruder (IDEX) for 3X printing modes:

  • Dual material printing
  • Mirror printing
  • Copy printing

Funmat Pro 310 Specification

  • Single-head build volume: 305 x 260 x 260mm
  • Dual-head build volume: 260 x 260 x 260mm
  • Head type: IDEX dual nozzle system for
  • Quick change printhead with dual-drive gear extruder
  • Active cooling of the printhead reduces the risk of clogging
  • Independent Filament Box
  • Flexible build plate for easy part removal
  • Open source materials

Funmat Pro 310 3D printer from Intamsys


Pre-Order now and benefits of special offer:

Prepay a 20% deposit and get your FREE Kickstart Pack*(value of ≈£400)

  • ABS 2kg
  • PC 1kg
  • HIPS 2kg
  • PA12-CF 1kg
  • SP3050 1kg
  • 1 extra filament box

*The pre-order package is available from November 15th to March 31st 2023. Available from CDG 3D TECH to pre-order for shipping in Summer 2023.


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