Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X or DX software is the industry leading reverse engineering software that combines CAD with 3D scan data processing with plug-ins for all major CAD systems.

Technology Scan-to-CAD
Manufacturer 3D Systems | Geomagic
Licence types Online, Dongle, Network
Attributes Scan to native CAD via model tree

Product description

Geomagic Design X – advanced reverse engineering | scan-to-native-CAD software

Why Geomagic Design X?

  • Speed: Improve your product development, accelerate time to market and achieve longer product life cycles.
  • Flexibility. Work seamlessly with any CAD software and create the right model for every project with complete toolsets for solids, surfaces, and meshes.
  • Reliability: The only software that combines scan processing, CAD and real-time feedback to produce highly reliable results for your complex designs.
  • Simplicity: It works just like your CAD software, you will learn to use it on the fly.
Design X 2019 Digital Auto Hood

What is Geomagic Design X?

Geomagic Design X creates CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately and reliably than any other reverse-engineering software, enabling you to create new business value out of existing products.

  • Processes large scan data sets with millions of points faster than any other reverse-engineering software.
  • Creates complex hybrid 3D models for solid, surface, and mesh.
  • Connects directly to your CAD environment and creates native files to accurately represent a scanned object.
  • Rapidly creates solids or surfaces just like in CAD.
  • Transfers 3D parametric models with full design history directly to any popular CAD software.

What Can You Do with Geomagic Design X?

Geomagic Design X converts 3D scan data into high-quality, feature-based CAD models. The software combines automatic and guided solid model extraction in a unique way while being incredibly accurate. On top of this it offers you exact surface fitting to organic 3D scans, mesh editing and point-cloud processing.

  • Expand your design capabilities.
  • Enhance your CAD environment.
  • Accelerate your time to market.
  • Leverage existing assets.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Manage the impossible.
  • Scan virtually anything and create producible designs.
  • Make existing parts fit with new parts.
  • Convert physical parts into CAD for new product designs.
  • Design custom products.
  • Recreate lost CAD data for parts and molds.
  • Rebuild CAD data for broken tools and molds.

Summary of Functionality

  • Purpose-built to create usable 3D CAD models, directly from scan data;
  • The fastest way to get from unprocessed 3D scans to complete, feature-based solid models;
  • Redesign tools save hours (or days) of work compared to rebuilding from point data in your CAD software;
  • Easy to learn and use because it works like your CAD software;
  • Built on a complete & powerful CAD kernel called Parasolid;
  • Gives you the flexibility to make real CAD models;
  • Everything you need is contained in one application;
  • Automated scan data processing tools make it easy to unlock the full potential of your 3D scanner.

Native CAD Export formats supported

  • SolidWorks
  • Creo
  • Siemens NX
  • Solid Edge
  • Autodesk
  • Inventor
  • Catia

Other Export formats supported

Geomagic Design X Export

DESIGN X – Key Features

Direct Scanner Control

Scan directly into Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Design X, Geomagic for SolidWorks and Geomagic Wrap.

Seamless Data Transfer

Transfer your data seamlessly with multiple 3D file export options and LiveTransfer™ of 3D parametric models with full design history directly to popular CAD software.

Real-Time Analysis

Use Accuracy Analyzer™—a real-time, patented analysis tool—to create the best results of a 3D feature model from 3D scan data within design tolerances.

Mesh Tools

Produce quality meshes in a single step. You can use the mesh models directly as input data in CAE and CAM software for reverse engineering or manufacturing.

Mesh Creation and Optimization Tools

Powerful mesh optimization tools create a mesh from 3D scan data and meet the specific requirements for CAE.

  • Instant mesh optimization for direct use in additive manufacturing, CAM, and CAE
  • Detail resolution controls (decimate and subdivide)
  • Mesh smoothness controls (global and subdivide)
  • Automatic re-meshing for CAE functional models
  • Comprehensive, interactive tools for mesh region editing
  • Advanced mesh modeling and optimization

Mesh Sketch Tools

Use automated curve layout tools for sketching curves on meshes including lofted slicing plans and extraction of sharp edges. Extract sectional polylines or silhouette polylines from a mesh or a point cloud and create 2D sketches such as lines, circles, arcs, and rectangles on extracted polylines.

Automatic Curve and Sketch Tools

Create a sketch profile based on section polylines with the Auto Sketch feature. It includes highly sophisticated curve and sketch tools to extract sketch profiles and feature curves from mesh automatically for comprehensive reverse modeling. You can use these curves to define surface boundaries.

Modeling Wizards

Use modeling wizards to extract geometric features from a polygonal mesh model. These wizards intelligently analyze and extract feature information such as feature profiles, axes, and paths and automatically create features from a mesh.

Redesign Assistant

Use the intelligent Redesign Assistant™ feature in the modeling and extracting design intent phases to extract design parameters and elements from 3D scan data. It helps you define feature shapes with accurate parameters and design elements easily. Use it to extract distance, radius, thickness, and draft angle from 3D scan data.

Unrolling, Rolling, Flattening, and Curling Tools

Simplify the modeling of complex, revolved designs. Create design-intent models from intricate parts that have shapes like non-constant helices or 3D profiles.

Auto Surfacing

Use the Auto Surfacing feature to fit surface patches onto a mesh and create a surface body with the click of a button. This is important to design a complex, freeform part; create model data for manufacturing a freeform shape; or analyze a geometric shape.

Selective Surfacing

Simplify the hybrid modeling process with the Selective Surfacing feature. It provides easy workflows to repatriate a generative mesh or 3D scan into CAD with intelligence for traditionally difficult parts with both organic and prismatic features—such as castings, medical implants, moldings, and topology-optimized designs.

New Feature Preview

Be the first to experience new features and share your feedback. If you have active software maintenance through the Geomagic Maintenance Program, you can preview and gain early access to upcoming new features and functionalities in Geomagic Design X.

Batch Process Macros

Use automated batch process macros for scan processing by node-based definition.

Point Cloud Processing Tools

Expertly handle massive mesh and point cloud data alignment, processing, and refining mesh construction with point cloud processing tools.

Reference Geometry Tools

Extract a reference plane, vector, coordinate system, polyline, or point with multiple combinations of input.

3D File Import

The first step of mesh modeling and reverse engineering is to import scan data. Import 3D files in standard mesh formats, various scan data formats from multiple scanner types and manufacturers, and from other Geomagic software applications. You can choose from over 60 file formats including polygons, point clouds, and CAD.