Intamsys PEEK [1.75mm Natural] 500g

Intamsys PEEK [1.75mm Natural] 500g

INTAMSYS PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic, PolyEtherEtherKetone. It is semi- crystalline and offers high- strength and stiffness as well as high-heat resistance. Also, as it is chemically resistant to aggressive environments, it is suitable for sterilisation for medical and food contact applications.

  • Similar strength to low-grade alloys
  • Flame retardant, UL94-V0
  • High impact & wear resistance
  • Semi-crystalline structure providing outstanding mechanical and thermal properties
  • Very high chemical resistance (after annealing)
  • Can be used up to 260°C/500F (after annealing)

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Product description

INTAM™ Performance

High-performance materials suitable for various demanding environments


Intamsys PEEK Filament

  • Semi-crystalline polymer, high strength, good chemical resistance, long-term use temperature of 260°C
  • Widely used in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas energy, medical, dental and scientific research industries