Intamsys PEEK-GF Black [1.75mm] 1kg

Intamsys PEEK-GF Black [1.75mm] 1kg

INTAMSYS PEEK-GF is a high-performance thermoplastic, PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK), filled with Glass-Fibre for higher stiffness and heat resistance.

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Product description

Intamsys PEEK-GF Filament 1Kg

INTAMSYS PEEK-GF is a high-performance thermoplastic, PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK), reinforced with Glass-Fiber. It offers high stiffness and high-heat resistance.

  • High dimensional stability
  • High electrical insulation
  • HDT A 315°C allows short term usage at even higher temperatures
  • Very high chemical resistance (after annealing)
  • Glass fiber reinforced PEEK, high dimensional stability and electrical insulation
  • Commonly used for metal replacement, can be used in extreme environments such as aerospace, oil and gas industries
Part Filament Support Material Removal Method
ABS HIPS Break away
ABS+ SP3030 Water soluble
AM200 SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
ASA HIPS Break away
PA12 SP3050 Break away
PA12-CF SP3050 Break away
PA6/66 SP3030 Water soluble
PA6-CF SP3030 Water soluble
PC HIPS Break away
PC/ABS-FR HIPS Break away
PC-ABS HIPS Break away
PC-FR HIPS Break away
PC-PBT HIPS Break away
PEEK SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PEEK-CF SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PEEK-GF SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PEI 1010 SP5080 Break away
PEI 9085 SP5040 Break away
PEKK SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PLA PVA/SP3030 Water soluble
PPS HIPS Break away
PPSU SP5080 Break away
TPU 95A PVA Water soluble