Z650 [2nd-User]

Z650 [2nd-User]

Z650 3D Printer offers a large build volume at 381x254x203mm, so both large models and high quantities can be quickly produced. Print quality has been further enhanced and even more user convenience features have been added.

Technology CJP
Build volume 381 x 254 x 203mm
Layer thickness 100 microns
Material type Plaster powder
Materials include Powder, binder, infiltrant
Software 3D Print
Attributes Speed, No supports, CYMK Colour
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Product description

Z650 3D Printer [2nd-User]

The ZPrinter 650 provides the highest quality colour available.
  • Produce realistic color models without paint
  • Better evaluate the look, feel, and style of product designs
  • Five print heads provide the widest range of accurate colors, including true black and improved color consistency from part to part
  • 3D print text labels or images directly onto printed models

Z Corporation’s 3D printers are the only ones capable of printing in multiple colors. Other 3D printers billing themselves as color capable are in fact monochrome machines that can only print one color at a time, requiring the user to laboriously assemble various monochrome parts into something that resembles a full color model.

The ZPrinter 650 is the printer of choice for those who want to spend time generating ideas instead of operating a 3D printer. Highly automated, the ZPrinter 650 is simple and easy to use.

  • Automated setup and self monitoring
  • Automated powder loading and recycling
  • Snap-in binder cartridges
  • Operate in just minutes
  • Requires minimal training and no expertise
  • Intuitive control panel makes operation simple

Further Specification

Resolution 600 x 540 dpi
Minimum Feature Size 0.1 mm
Color(number of unique colors per part) 390,000 (top-of-the-line colour)
Automated Setup and Self Monitoring Y
Automated Powder Loading Y
Powder Recycling Y
Automatic Build Bed Clearing Y
Fine Powder Material Integrated
Snap-in Binder Y
Intuitive Control Panel Y
Vertical Build Speed 1.1 inch / hour (28 mm / hour)
Build Size 10 x 15 x 8 inches (254 x 381 x 203 mm)
Material High performance composite
Layer Thickness 0.1 mm
Number of Jets 1520

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