Zmorph Composites Materials Bundle

Zmorph Composites Materials Bundle


  • PCB (FR4) – 160x200x1.6 mm),
  • Carbon Fiber – 235x250x3 mm),
  • Textolite – 235x250x4 mm)

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Product description

Zmorph Composites Materials Bundle

Create custom PCBs, durable carbon fiber frames, or electrical insulators with this materials bundle. Composites are materials combined from two or more different materials, usually of different characteristics, to create a new solution for certain purposes. Such engineered materials have better physical or chemical properties than the original components.

FR4 is the base material for PCB making. It’s made of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder. 

Carbon fiber is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and high-temperature tolerance. It’s sometimes used as a lightweight alternative to aluminum. It can be used in drones, robotics, industrial automation, aerospace tooling and more. 

Textolite (sometimes referred to as TCF) is mainly used for insulators and dielectric plates. It exhibits good mechanical and anti-friction characteristics.