Zmorph Engineering Materials Bundle

Zmorph Engineering Materials Bundle


  • PP – 235x250x3 mm
  • PET – 235x250x3 mm
  • PE – 235x250x8 mm

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Product description

Zmorph Engineering Materials Bundle (PP, PET, PE)

The engineering materials bundle includes PP, PET and PE sheets for CNC machining. These plastics are less popular materials for CNC machining and are recommended for various engineering applications.

PP (polypropylene) features great chemical and moisture resistance, good impact strength, and thermal resistance with FDA compliant grades available. PP is mostly used in laboratory and manufacturing applications. It can be used to make dampening elements, casings or clamps.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a strong and lightweight thermoplastic polymer that exhibits excellent electrical insulating properties. It’s resistant to alcohols, oils and greases, and is widely used for cosmetic containers, gear housings, and engine covers.

PE (polyethylene) is resistant to moisture and offers a great temperature stability. It’s easily machinable and can be used in tanks, laboratory containers, bearings or sliding rails.