Sinterit PHS: Powder Handling Station


Sinterit PHS: NEW Powder Handling Station

The new Powder Handling Station (PHS) is now available for use with the Lisa and Lisa Pro SLS printers.

Sinterit have introduced a range of new accessories over the past year – to aid your use of the Sinterit Lisa and Lisa-Pro 3D Printers. 

The Powder Handling Station, latest on the block, is something not to be missed.

Do note that the Sinterit ATEX vacuum is required to operate the Sinterit PHS.

The Sinterit Sandblaster XL (shown in red) is optional and requires compressed air.

Sinterit Lisa Pro (shown to the left of the PHS) is recommended for use with this station.

For further information and pricing take a look here



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