Cimatron Conformal Cooling

Cimatron Conformal Cooling

Cimatron Conformal Cooling package for toolmakers, mould designers and injection moulding companies. The fastest way to create complex waterways, suitable for metal 3D printing.

Technology CADCAM, Tool Design
Manufacturer Cambrio
Licence types Dongle, Network
Attributes Conformal Cooling design

Product description

Cimatron Conformal Cooling software provides:

  • Rapid creation of cooling channels
  • Perfectly adhering to part geometry
  • Optimal wall thickness
  • Large choice of cross-sections for channels
  • Parametric editing of dimensions
  • Integration with tool design software
  • Integration with metal 3D printing & AM

Cimatron Conformal Cooling

What Part of the Mold Should be Cooled Conformally?

Conformal cooling can benefit all types of molded parts, especially complex parts. However, you do not necessarily need to 3D print your entire mold—the key is to detect the areas that would benefit from conformal cooling and use AM only for those areas.

The primary issue with traditional cooling methods is that they can’t reach the places where cooling channels are needed. Conformal cooling has the most significant effect on injection molds that are experiencing problems with warpage during production because of irregularities or imbalances in the cooling process.

With the right tools, producing conformally-cooled inserts to address key problem areas in the mold is straightforward and very effective.

Conformal Cooling latest updates:

Cimatron includes a new optimized curvature function that highlights areas where a cooling channel cannot be created, such as a curve radius smaller than the channel diameter, providing the user with point-and-click controls to correct the channel path.

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