Recycling with 3D Printing

RECYC3D = Recycling using 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Technology

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CDG 3D TECH are committed to using 3D Technology in creative ways which encourage recycling. We all know this is really important when considering sustainability and issues to do with climate change. The following is a summary what we do and what we offer to our customers who wish to recycle:-

Supply “open-source” 3D Printers designed to use recycled materials

  • Concr3de Ceramic powder 3D printer
  • Sinterit SLS nylon powder 3D printer
  • Plastic pellet 3D printing

Recycling old materials

  • We offer 3D printers that can take old materials and by mixing old with new can re-use them
  • We provide accessories for recycling the old powder back into the machine
  • We offer equipment that can granulate legacy parts into a powder – for re-use in our open-source powder 3D printers
  • We distill chemicals used to clean 3D printed parts

We make parts from recycled materials

  • Help our customer make parts and models using recycled waste materials
  • Replik8 Team uses recycled materials, where possible, to make parts


3D printing in sawdust using recycled waste materials

Recycling old 3D Printers

  • We dismantle old 3D printers and re-use the spare parts where we can
  • We donate the sheetmetal chassis to metal recycling companies


  • We are helping our customers to distil chemicals (inc. cleaning solutions) to reuse and recycle them

3D printing distillation coming soon

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