Modern Slavery Policy

Concurrent Design Limited (trading as CDG) operates within the 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies markets. It works with customers resident predominantly within the UK & Ireland. We have no subsidiaries.

The supplier chain CDG uses for its manufactured goods is made up of highly specialist firms in the North America, Europe, and the Far East; creating technology for various markets within the engineering, manufacturing and design industries. These firms recruit highly educated individuals who have expertise in their specific fields. There is little or no aspect to their work undertaken by unskilled labour. Also there are no high risk countries involved in our supply chain, and we meet with all companies who supply us with goods.

Concurrent Design follows best practise ethical policies as standard, and we would not work with any organisation that we do not know to be functioning fairly and openly. We aim to understand the challenges facing modern society in all aspects of the work-force, and will continue to support a transparent set of procedures going forward, with the aim to prevent any practise that allows for modern slavery.

CDG will periodically review performance of our company and that of our supply chain.