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Professional 3D Printer Support

CDG have been providing Professional 3D Printer Support services since 2003. We employ a large team of certified engineers to support you on and off site. CDG are the UK’s only 3D Systems Advanced Certified Partner, received for our professionalism and expert 3D Printer support, as provided for our customers.

We are UK partners for 3D Systems, Intamsys, Omni, Sinterit, Fusion, Zmorph and offer comprehensive 3D Printer support services for current and legacy models.

Supported 3D Printers

The 3D Printers we support, maintain & service includes:-

3D Printers from 3DSystems

ProJet MJP:

  • 2500, 2500Plus, 2500W, 2500DP, 2500IC
  • 3500, 3510, 3600, 3600W
  • 5500X

ProJet CJP:

  • 660 Pro, 860 Pro
  • 160, 260, 360, 460

Zprinter CJP:

  • Z650, Z850
  • Z150, Z250, Z350, Z450

Figure 4 DLP:

  • Figure 4 Standalone
  • Figure 4 Modular

3D Printers from Intamsys, Omni, Sinterit, Fusion, Zmorph 

Intamsys FFF:

  • Funmat HT
  • Funmat Pro 410
  • Funmat Pro 610 HT

Omni3D FFF:

  • Omni Factory 1.0, 2.0, NET
  • Omni500 LITE
  • Omni200

Sinterit SLS:

  • Lisa
  • Lisa Pro
  • Lisa X
  • Nils 480

Fusion3 FFF:

  • F410
  • Edge

Zmorph FFF:

  • Zmorph VX, FAB
  • i500

3D Printer Services & Support Contracts

The support services we offer include:

  • Telephone & email support
  • Training on or off-site
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Annual service
  • Parts & labour service (time & materials)
  • Full service contracts (choice of 6 options)
  • Supply of consumables & spare parts (stocked in our UK warehouse)
  • Free part printing back-up service (for Platinum customers)

3D Printing Software

The 3D software we support & maintain includes:

3D Printing software:

  • 3D Print
  • 3D Sprint
  • Simplify3D
  • Intamsuite
  • Voxelizer
  • Reactor

CDG Support Team DNA

We pride ourselves on offering an open, professional and efficient 3D printer support service, and the following are hallmarks of our support service:-


Our computerised case system ensures that whenever there’s a support enquiry, we record full details of the problem and the steps taken to solve it. We take great care to respond to every single enquiry, and when time must be taken for problem diagnosis or the arrival of spare parts, we make sure to be proactive at keeping our customers fully informed.


We pride ourselves on offering the most transparent 3D printing support service in the UK. We’re open about every stage of the support process, and we don’t want to tie our customers in knots with obscure language or confusing small print.


Often, when a professional machine requires servicing, time can be lost waiting for the arrival of spare parts. CDG hold all key spare parts in stock to ensure a rapid response: for common issues, that enables us to begin working on your machine straight-away. We also stock all key consumables, allowing us to offer next working day delivery, so long as a material is in-stock and ordered by 3pm.


Having supported 3D printers since 2003, we have many years of experience to share with our customers. All of our engineers are certified and are trained by the equipment manufacturers to the highest level of competency. We can test and replicate issues via the large portfolio of 3D printers located at our UK service centre.


CDG operate throughout the UK & Ireland.

What our customers say…


Contact the CDG Support Team

Email: support@cdg.uk.com


  • DDI: 01420 556750
  • S/B: 01420 556755

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