3D Sprint new version v4

3D Sprint v4

3D Systems have released a new version of 3D Sprint v4 for ALL users of their polymer 3D Printers

3D Sprint is the exclusive software of 3D Systems which is helping you to prepare and optimize you 3D printer to deliver the best print part possible. Recently 3DS released Version 4, with new features and bug fixes.

3D Sprint Applications

  • Increase Productivity for 3D Systems Plastic Printers:
    • Prepare and optimise CAD data and then manage the additive manufacturing process on your 3D Systems’ plastic 3D printers.
  • Print Better Parts:
    • Eliminate geometry  processing artifacts with smarter geometry processing and powerful slicing technology.
  • Go from CAD to Print:
    • 3D Sprint delivers all the tools you need to go from design to 3D sprint, offering an unparalleled user experience across 3D Systems plastic printers.
  • Streamline Time to Finished Parts:
    • Save on material and post processing time without compromising on part quality.
  • Increase Productivity With Optimised Data Management:
    • Estimate print time and optimise material levels and usage both before and during the print operation.

3D Sprint v4 includes key new features and enhancements that bring new value to these objectives with a special focus on capabilities that are required to move from rapid prototyping to serial production.

3D Sprint SLA

3D Sprint New Functionality Highlights


  • Hyperscan Vector
    • The Hyper-Scan vector technology, is a scan algorithm that optimises laser focus, laser power, and vector-motor kinematics.
  • Make volume supports
    • The make Volume support parameter in the Smart Support command is now available. This paramter allows the increase of the volume of the support structure.
  • Thin Feature
    • A new option has been added to the  Edit Build Style Parameters dialog to retain thin features against greater Z compensation.

What's New 3D Sprint v4


  • Thin feature preservation
    • A new option has been added to the  Edit Build Style Parameters dialog to retain thin features against greater Z compensation.
  • Drain Duration & Height
    • New Drain Duration and Drain Height option have been added to the Build Style command to prevent resin from spilling outside of the of the resin tray in the print engine chamber.
  • Collision Check for Struts
    • The collision check for struts is now available in the Align Part, Tranform, and Orient commands.



  • Stilt bug fix
    • The application would crash when creating struts using the “Stilt” option with a Z-height of 0 (zero).
  • X-size bug fix
    • The X-size of the printer Platform displayed in MJP 2500-series Printer configuration didn’t match the printer configuration indicator.

NB. This new version (as documented by 3D Systems) is a pay-to-update software version, so you have the choice to update to V4 which it’s an extra cost per licence you are updating. If you have any questions or you are interested by the update and you want more information about it please contact our software team and they will advise you on this new version.

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