Omni 3D: Wing Mirror Case Study

wing mirror

Omni 3D: Wing Mirror Case Study

Wing mirror case weight reduced by 53% thanks to Omni 3D printing!

Mirror caps, air vents – these are just some of the parts printed by OMNI3D for Arrinera Technology S.A. All models are printed at a full scale, mostly with ABS-42 and are used as functional prototypes as well as final parts. In this particular case, the challenge was to reduce the weight of the mirror case.



In the automotive industry weight is one of the most important aspects. The company was looking for the best solution to produce car parts which are durable and at the same time – as light as possible.


Parts are printed on a 3D printer – Factory 2.0 Production System using ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, PET-G, HIPS filaments depending on the requirements.

‘Parts printed in 3D on Factory 2.0 Production System meet all of our requirements – both in terms of strength, dimensional accuracy, turnaround time and weight loss. Many elements are installed in the car as the final products,’ – Łukasz Tomkiewicz





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