Examples of projects we have worked on can be classified as follows:

  • Automotive - full vehicle design, hardtop, rear spoiler, dashboard, engine castings, tractors, wheels
  • Aerospace - interior design, aircraft seating
  • Industrial - high-pressure valve, railway coupling, lifting hoist, thermo-coupler, power generator
  • Electro-mechanical - computer hub, medical equipment, printing equipment, industrial tools, power breaker, telecoms
  • Sheetmetal - staplers, chassis, shims, furniture cabinets, casings
  • Plastic Injection Moulding - toys, power tools, mobile telephones, pagers, plastic roadway, computer monitors, childrens beaker
  • Other - golf clubs, child seat, petrol pump, shock proof packaging, footwear, motorcycle visor & helmet, furniture, conservatories, underwater camera, street sculpture, baby soother


To see more images of our work, please go to:-


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