ProJet 2500 wins top award for best printer


The ProJet 2500 multi-jet MJP printer from 3D Systems has won the 3D Printing Industry award for the Best Enterprise 3D Printer.

This high performance 3D printer is available from CDG in the UK in three configurations:

- ProJet 2500 for high-resolution black or white plastic parts;

- ProJet 2500 Plus for high-resolution black, white, clear or elastomeric parts;

- ProJet 2500 W for high-resolution wax parts / patterns, as used for investment casting in jewellery and for industrial applications.

Please call 01420 88645 for a demonstration or email:

Simon Van De Crommert receives the award on behalf of the manufacturer 3D Systems

ProJet 2500 wins award

Samples parts printed on the ProJet 2500

Please note the ProJet 2500 can be used for functional prototypes AND some production applications:-

ProJet 2500 3D printed parts

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