CDG present with 3D Systems at CASTcon casting conference

Castcon23 3D Printing for Investment Casting


Speaker Programme

Simon van der Crommert, 3D Systems
“The benefits of 3D printing patterns for the foundry industry.”

  • Time: 12:00
  • Date: Weds April 5th 2023
  • Location: Cranfield University, MK43 0AL


CDG 3D TECH are exhibiting sample parts and technical information:-

Meet the IC Team at CastCon

Grant Cameron, CDG

As Managing Director of CDG 3D TECH, Grant has 30 years experience of engineering design and manufacturing, focusing on the use of 3D technology. His expertise covers CAD, CAM, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and 3D Scanning technologies.

Miles Cameron, CDG

Miles has been working for CDG 3D TECH for over 3 years as their Business Development Manager. Acting as a consultant, Miles advises design, engineering and manufacturing companies on their use of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and Additive Manufacturing technologies, especially by maximising productivity and reducing costs through investments in the latest technology.

Simon Van De Crommert, 3D Systems

Simon graduated from the University of Sunderland with a bachelor degree in mechanical & materials in engineering and immediately joined 3D Systems in 1996. He has held various positions within 3D Systems ranging from applications, sales, product management, supply chain to logistics in various countries such as USA, Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Currently Simon is responsible for all 3D Printer sales in the UK, Ireland and the Benelux. Simon is 3D Systems expert in 3D Printing Investment Casting | 3D Systems and he is presenting a Castcon23.

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