ExOne Metal Designlab by Rapidia

Metal 3D printing by Rapidia

ExOne Metal Designlab

The new ExOne Metal Designlab is designed and developed by Rapidia of Vancouver.

CDG checked out this new Metal 3D Printer at TCT+Rapid Show in Detriot, USA in 2019 and met the founder Dan Gilbert. The technology is in two parts: the 3D printer and the furnace – both are truely unique designs.

Rapidia X1 Metal Printer + X1F Furnace

X1 Metal Designlab printer by Rapidia    X1 Metal Designlab Furnance by Rapidia

Images are the copyright of the Concurrent Design Group (CDG UK).

The 3D printer is an FDM-style printer, but prints with a metal paste instead of filament. The metal paste has a water content, which drys as the part is printing. As a twin-head system, the second head prints out an easy to remove support structure.

The Furnace operates with a small amount of Argon to both sinter the metal part and remove the remaining content of water. The speed of the sintering process is very fast compared to other processes in the industry.

As the technology uses a paste (typically consisting of metal particles sized around 10 microns), it is very easy to formulate a range of powders for both metals and ceramics. These include: Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Inconel and many others.

Sample printer parts

Metal 3D printer parts by Rapidia

Images are the copyright of the Concurrent Design Group (CDG UK).

ExOne partners with Rapidia

On 8th February 2021, ExOne became the exclusive partners for Rapidia to sell and support the Metal Designlab technology worldwide.

The X1 Metal Designlab is now listed in our 3D Printer Technology Chart

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