3D Printer Technology Chart

3D Printer Technology Chart

Compare the “size of model” vs “budget” to see the available choices of 3D Printer Technology.

8x Technologies in alphabetical order:

  • CJP colourjet printing
  • DLP digital light projection
  • EXT pellet extrusion printing
  • FFF fused filament fabrication
  • MJP multijet printing
  • SLA stereolithography
  • SLS selective laser sintering
  • VCJ vision controlled jetting
Model Size Small Medium Large Extra-Large XXL
vs Budget < 200mm 200-300mm 300-460mm 460-750mm > 750mm
Sub £10k Omni CF FFF

Sinterit LISA SLS

Funmat HT FFF

Fumat Pro 310 IDEX



£10-25k Figure-4 Standalone DLP Sinterit LISA Pro SLS Funmat Pro 410 FFF

Sinterit Lisa X SLS

Omni LITE Metal FFF
ProJet 660 Pro CJP


£50-100k ProJet 2500 IC MJP Wematter SLS 300 ProJet 860 Pro CJP
Over £100k ProJet 6000 SLA ProJet 7000 SLA EXT Titan 1070

EXT Titan 1270

3D Printer Technology Charts – by Manufacturer

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