Omni 500 LITE vs Factory 2.0 NET

Omni 3D Printer – XL Model Comparison Chart

The technical specifications of the two large-format Omni 3D printers are compared in the table below.

Omni 500 LITE vs Factory 2.0 NET

Specification / Model Omni 500 LITE Factory 2.0 NET
Build volume XYZ 460 x 460 x 600mm 500 x 500 x 575mm
Dual heads Yes Yes
Up to 3Kg spools Yes Yes
Auto head adjustment NO YES
Liquid cooled extruder NO YES
Filament flow sensor NO YES
Head temps 260, 360 deg C 260, 360, 500 deg C
Heated bed 130 deg C 170 deg C
Heated chamber NO 70 deg C
SD Card Yes Yes
Bed material Ceramic Ceramic
Auto bed levelling Yes Yes
Interlock NO YES
On board IP camera NO YES
Remote monitoring s/w Yes Yes
Print after power out Yes Yes
Password control Yes Yes
IT architecture 32-bit 32-bit
Full build in PLA Yes Yes
Full build in ABS Yes * YES
Full build in PA-CF Yes * YES
Full build in HT materials NO Yes *
Ethernet Network Yes Yes
Wifi Yes Yes
UPS spec 1000W 360W

* dependent on part size and geometry

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