3D Tech Partners

This is the story behind CDG’s 3D Tech Partners, why we are working hand-in-hand with these organisations and how they have succeeded as the market leaders in the world of 3D Technology.

Partners listed in alphabetical order:-

Partner About the Manufacturers Partnership with CDG
3D Systems partners logo

3D Systems (3DS) are the pioneers of 3D Printing, dating back to 1986. Their founder Chuck Hull invented the world’s first 3D printer which became the stereolithography apparatus SLA technology users still use to this day. In addition to SLA, 3DS provide CJP (colourjet), MJP (mutlijet) and DLP (digital light) 3D printers via CDG to the UK market. 3DS head quarter is in North Carolina, USA, although their products are manufactured around the world. 3D Systems professional range of 3D printers are sold and supported via CDG as the UK distributor & key support partner. Models supported includes:

  • Figure 4 DLP Standalone, Modular
  • ProJet CJP 660, 860
  • ProJet MJP 2500, 3600, 5600
  • ProJet SLA 6000, 7000
Cambrio logo

Cambrio provide smart software solutions that drive the future of manufacturing. Their key products include the full portfolio of Cimatron CADCAM software solutions. Cimatron software applications include: Mould, Die, Electrode Design, Conformal Cooling and NC manufacturing. HQ is in the USA, although the software development is based in Israel. Cambrio are now part of the Sandvik Group of companies which includes the GibbsCAM and MasterCAM manufacturing solutions. Cimatron CADCAM software licences, support, maintenance and training are all provided by CDG in the UK & Ireland.
Evatronix logo

Evatronix offer high resolution 3D scanners under the EvixScan brand. The key models include Optima, Quadro, Fine Precision, Wide Range and Evixmatic. The 5, 7 and 9 megapaixel cameras are ideal to high resolution scanning to capture fine detail, for high resolution & accuracy, and for inspection applications. The 3D scanners are manufactured in Poland and imported by CDG. EvixScan high resolution 3D scanners are sold by CDG in the UK & Ireland in combination with the Geomagic range of software solutions for reverse engineering & inspection.

EvixScan full range of models


Fusion3 logo

Fusion3Design specialise in affordable, reliable, large-format, desktop 3D printers. Their specification include a large 355x355x315mm build volume for FFF 3D printing using open source filaments. The F410 is manufactured in the USA and imported by CDG. The Fusion F410 3D printer is sold and supported by CDG in the UK.

Better than the market leader?

Fusion F410 vs Ultimaker S5

Geomagic logo

Geomagic are world leaders in 3D software using polygons and voxel based 3D engines; used for reverse engineering, inspection and digital clay applications. The Geomagic product portfolio includes Essentials, Wrap, Design X, Control X, Sculpt and Freeform. HQ is in the USA, although the software development is worldwide. CDG supply licences, support, maintenance and training for the full suite of Geomagic software products including:-

  • Essentials, Wrap, Design X
  • Control X Essentials, Control X Professional
  • Sculpt, Freeform, Freeform Plus

Intamsys manufacture 3D printers for high-temperature applications. Printing in PEEK, Ultem/PEI, PSU, PPSU etc. is only possible with a heated chamber and HT extruders. Intamsys specialise in HT solutions. The Funmat range of products are manufactured in China and imported by CDG and Intamsys EMEA. The range of Funmat HT high-temp 3D printers at supplied by CDG in the UK & Ireland, back-up by full support & maintenance services. Compare the Funmat HT printer specifications:-

Intamsys HT 3D Printers


Omni3D are Europe’s top manufacturer of large-format 3D printers. The Factory 2.0 printer is now the Factory 2.0 NET, which is a solution designed for batch production as a single printer or via a networked farm based approach. The more affordable large-format Omni500 LITE is another exciting new development. Omni3D XL printers are manufactured in Poland and imported by CDG. The full range of Omni 3D printers are sold and supported by CDG in the UK & Ireland.

See our chart comparing the two latest large-format Omni 3D printers:-

Omni500 LITE vs Factory 2.0 NET

Shining 3D

Shining3D are a multi-facetted 3D Technology company, based in China. They offer the impressive range of EinScan 3D Scanners including the EinScan Pro, H and HX mode and the new FreeScan UE laser scanners. The products are manufactured in China, but distributed via Germany and imported by CDG. The EinScan range of handheld 3D scanners are sold by CDG in the UK & Ireland. Review the chart comparing these scanners:-

EinScan handheld 3D scanners

Simcon logo

Simcon manufacturer the Cadmould and Varimos advanced simulation and analysis software products. Cadmould is the fastest way to simulate the injection moulding process with functionality covering Filling, Warping, Compression, Cooling and a whole lot more. Varimos is a DoE (design of experiments) tool for injection mould tool design and optimisation looking a cycles times, temperature, pressures and all related parameters. Cadmould and Varimos is sold and supported by CDG in the UK & Ireland.



Sinterit logo

Sinterit manufacturer the most world’s most affordable and versatile, small format SLS 3D printers. The models are the LISA, LISA-Pro and NILS 480 which can print in PA Nylon, PP Polypropylene, TPU and TPE materials. The Lisa family of printers are manufactured in Poland and imported by CDG. The whole range of SLS printers, accessories and materials are sold and supported by CDG in the UK & Ireland.

NILS 480

Lisa vs Lisa Pro

NILS 480 vs Fuse 1 

Zmorph logo

The Zmorph FAB offers a unique multi-tool 3D printers, with a CNC mill and Laser cutter/engraver as part of the package. The latest model is called the Zmorph i500 which is a dual-head high-spec desktop FFF 3D printers. All products are manufactured in Poland and imported by CDG. The Zmorph FAB and Zmorph i500 3D printers are supplied and supported by CDG.