SLS 300 Plus

SLS 300 Plus

The SLS 300 Plus is a new concept for SLS printing, the new 3D Systems SLS 300 enables production quality materials in a clean environment.

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Product description

SLS 300 PLUS 3D Printer

The SLS 300 Plus is a new concept for SLS printing comprising of production quality materials in a clean environment. 3D Systems have developed a unique system capable of 3D printing high quality, high strength parts from a large choice of production-grade materials including PA6, PA11, PA12, PP, TPU with ESD Safe and Food Safe options. The parts can be printed in a choice of white, blue, grey or black powders using a powerful 50 Watt laser.

SLS 300 PLUS Set

The full set comprises of five units:-

  • GRAVITY | SLS 300 PLUS for high fidelity SLS 3D printing in a range of materials
  • PRS | SLS 300 POWDER RECYCLING STATION for integrated powder management
  • DENSITY | SLS 300 WATERJET for cleaning parts in a self-contained unit
  • DEEP SPACE | SLS 300 SOFTWARE cloud-based software with built-in AI
  • ATMOSPHERE | SLS 300 GENERATOR for removing oxygen from the environment

SLS 300 PLUS – Material Options

  • PA11-Black
  • PA11-Natural
  • PA11-ESD in Grey
  • PA11-Food Grade in Blue
  • PA12-Duraform in White
  • PAx-Duraform in White for max flex
  • PP
  • TPU

SLS 300 Plus highlights

Strong & Flexible: SLS 3D-printed parts with mechanical properties as strong as injection moulding without the need of support structure.

Patented powder system: Refill in a very easy way with our patented powder packaging. The powder is being recycled and stored for your next print.

Work remotely: Start print jobs, monitor and follow the process through your phone, laptop or tablet with the help of IoT platform.

Easy to use for everyone: Self-instructing software and machine guide feature with ergonomic solutions for an effective printing process.

Service Plans: Self-diagnosing and troubleshooting through the cloud.

Plug & Play: CE-certified, easy to install eco-system that is up and running in less than an hour from delivery. You only need a normal power socket for your AM production.

SLS 300 Plus Specification

  • SLS technology
  • 50W Co2 laser
  • 300mm cubed build volume
  • PA11, PA12, PP, TPU materials
  • Duraform PA12, PAx materials
  • ESD & Food Safe materials
  • Black, Grey, Blue & White powders
  • Clean easy-to-load powder cartridges
  • Clean process from start to finish
  • Nitrogen gas not required as O2 is extracted instead
  • Footprint less than 1 square meter
  • Precision 0.1 mm
  • Speed 12mm per hour
  • Power 230V single phase
  • Ethernet 1 Gigabit

SLS 300 Plus

SLS 300 Plus video