Evatronix tie-up with Universal Robots

Universal Robots EvixScan Cobot

Universal Robots tie-up & new eviXscan 3D scanner

Evatronix has joined Universal Robots ecosystem and now has a UR+ certificate for its Heavy Duty Optima 3D scanner as a device fully compatible with UR cobots. The co-operation between companies has been established to improve the process of deploying automated quality control systems on production lines.

UR+ certificate (a platform offering certified accessories for Universal Robots cobots) guarantees seamless implementation of the system, which reduces the time of return on investment.

eviXscan new FinePrecision 3D Scanner

The new eviXscan FinePrecision 3D scanner is primarily intended for high-precision small part scanning. As such, the device is well suited to the needs of watchmakers, jewellery and medical professionals, for example those involved with prosthetics and implants.

In addition, the FinePrecision scanner will see extensive use in quality control and predictive maintenance applications, whereby production equipment can be scanned to identify early-stage microdamage.

Kamil Góra, Product Manager of 3D Scanners at Evatronix, states, “Based on feedback from our Heavy Duty scanners and discussions with our customers indicating areas where precise measurement and very detailed surface mapping was needed, we defined the requirements for a scanner that is a solution for these unfulfilled needs. According to these requirements, our R&D department developed a product ready to face the everyday challenges of metrology labs measuring fine mechanical objects.”

The eviXscan FinePrecision 3D scanner. Photo via Evatronix.

Fine Precision 3D scanner

The Evatronix eviXscan range already comprises a number of stationary desktop 3D scanners suitable for engineering applications. The high-performance Heavy Duty Quadro boasts a scanning accuracy of 0.013m and offers four 5MPix cameras. With a dust-proof IP62 rating, the device is designed to be used in a whole host of harsh environments on the shop floor.

Similarly, the Heavy Duty Optima is intended for reverse engineering, contactless quality control, and rapid prototyping applications with a wide measuring range of 250 x 170 x 120mm. With two 5Mpix cameras and a blue LED light engine, the machine grants users a measuring accuracy of up to 0.0183mm.

eviXscan 3D FinePrecision in operation

The scanner operates on the company’s blue light LED technology, and comes complete with two high-speed 8.9 Mpix cameras. With an accuracy of up to 6 microns and a repeatability of within 3 microns, the system is capable of reliably reproducing complex mechanical components. This precision can be attributed to the scanner’s excellent point density, which clocks in at more than 1200 points per square millimeter, resulting in a scan resolution of just 28 microns.

There is also something to be said about the device’s scan speeds. Since the cameras trigger every time a new pattern is detected from the light projection system, each scan cycle is completed in less than one second. To ensure the scanning workflow is as streamlined as possible, the standard FinePrecision set includes a rotary table (20kg max weight), a tripod, an A5 calibration table, a transport box, and marker frames to assist with folding scans.

Góra adds, “Using cameras and a projector optimized specifically for our scanner, we are able to offer a product adjusted to the needs of our users. This is a scanner for engineers, from engineers.”

The eviXscan FinePrecision being used to detect microdamage. Image via Evatronix.

The eviXscan FinePrecision being used to detect microdamage. (Images from Evatronix)

Technical Specification

Below are the technical specifications for the eviXscan FinePrecision 3D scanner:-

Field of View 120 x 60 x 45mm
Accuracy from 6 microns
Measurement repeatability 3 microns
Working distance 186mm
Scan resolution 28 microns
Point density 1233 pt/mm²
Cameras 2 x 8.9MPix
Light source Blue LED
Weight 5.05kg
Dimensions 233 x 294 x 105mm



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