eviXscan FinePrecision small-object HD scanner

eviXscan FinePrecision small-object HD scanner

eviXscan FinePrecision HD – Fine Detail 3D Scanner offers:

Technology Structured-light
Resolution 8.9 megapixels
Field of view 120 x 60mm
Point Spacing 1233 pt/mm2
Accuracy from 6 microns
Handling Tripod, Robot
Software EvixScan
Attributes Fine detail, high resolution & accuracy

Product description

eviXscan FinePrecision HD

The eviXscan FinePrecision 3D scanner is a device based on the latest generation of high-speed cameras with CMOS sensors and a Laser-LED blue light source – the combination of both technologies allows for very accurate reproduction of the scanned surface (accuracy <6 µm, resolution 28 µm), even with dark-surface objects.


  • Cameras: 2 x 8.9MPix
  • Scan range: 120 x 60 x 45mm
  • Accuracy: 6 microns
  • Measurement repeatability: 3 microns
  • Scanning distance: 186mm
  • Scan resolution: 28 microns
  • Point density: 1233 pt/mm²
  • Light source: Blue LED
  • Weight: 5.05kg
  • Dimensions: 233 x 294 x 105mm


  • High scan speed at 2000 pts/s
  • High quality lenses and cameras
  • High power LED light source
  • Complete 3D scanning system in a handy mobile case
  • High resistance to dust and moisture
  • Low power consumption
  • Calibration by the end user
  • Temperature compensation

eviXscan software

  • Intuitive software
  • Export results to the most popular formats (stl, ply, obj, asc, bin)
  • Software for editing point clouds and meshes
  • Software enhancements and updates


  • Technical support
  • 24 months warranty

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