Zmorph i500 new benchtop 3D printer

Zmorph i500 3D printer

Zmorph i500 3D Printer

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Notes below as published by and on 7.4.21

Zmorph has introduced its latest large-format 3D printer, the i500.

The machine is designed for small batch production, custom tooling and rapid prototyping applications in these sectors and reflects the company’s recent rebranding aimed at aligning itself more closely with the industrial market.

The system has individually designed extruders and filament flow systems to increase efficiency and optimise the 3D printing process. The i500 is designed to last and is said to consist of high-quality components to enable a long uptime and maximum throughput during operation. Thanks to improved services, the printer can also be serviced more easily and quickly than previous models.

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Zmorph i500

The i500 is the latest addition to Zmorph’s 3D printer portfolio, and is the culmination of an intensive market research process seeking to fully answer the needs of end-users.

Claiming to be a great tool for engineers to boost their performance and productivity, the machine has a large work area capable of performing low-volume production, custom tooling, and rapid prototyping processes for a wide range of applications.

The system features custom extruder designs and filament flow systems to boost efficiency and streamline the 3D printing process. Designed to maintain durability, the i500 is reportedly made from quality components in order to facilitate high uptime and maximized throughput while in operation. Thanks to improved maintenance aspects, the printer can also be serviced more easily and quickly than previous models.

The Zmorph i500 is available via CDG: 3D TECH in the UK & Ireland.



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