Jewel Red new wax material

Jewel Red wax for ProJet 2500W 3D printer

Jewel Red Material Highlights

  • It is stronger and much less likely to break during processing and shipping; it is ideally suited to fine jewellery design with high detail.
  • Jewel Red has 0.00% Ash content.
  • Recommended solvents for support wax removal are IPA and VSWR (3D Systems VisiJet Support Wax Remover), as before.
  • The change over takes 1-3 hours and requires 6 head maintenance cycles to purge.
  • Only available for 2500W printers.
  • 3D Sprint upgrade to v3.1 or newer is required.

Available to Order

Jewel Red cartridge for ProJet 2500W printer – now available to purchase in CDG online shop

Jewel Red Sample Parts

Jewel Red for ProJet 2500W

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