High-temp Flame Retardant material for Figure 4

Flame Retardant Figure 4 resin

 3D Systems’ Launch 4X New Figure-4 Materials inc. HT150 Flame Retardant

3D Systems is elevating 3D printing to new levels of performance and productivity with the introduction of four new Figure 4 production-capable photopolymers. These new production-capable materials – including novel flame retardant, 150 deg C HDT material – enable long-term mechanical performance and environmental stability for advanced applications and high productivity batch manufacturing. These Figure 4 materials are uniquely engineered for long-term mechanical performance and environmental stability. Unlike typical 3D printed photopolymers, these materials are tested for 8 years of indoor and 1.5 years of outdoor mechanical performance per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 methods, ensuring that printed parts remain functional and stable for prolonged durations.

Figure 4 High Temp 150C FR Flame Retardant Black halogen-free material with a very high HDT for all types of flame retardant applications including printed circuit board covers and housings that require UL 94 V0 test rating, underhood automotive housings, covers and harness retention components and aerospace FAR 23/25 in-cabin parts

High Temp 150C FR Black

Figure 4 Tough 60C White suitable for repeatable, high mechanical loads at elevated temperatures. Ideal for skin-touch wearables and medical parts requiring ISO-10993-5 and 10993-10 biocompatible capability.

Tough 60C White

Figure 4 Tough 65C Black suitable for repeatable, high mechanical loads at elevated temperatures. Ideal for consumer or industrial snap-fits, brackets, sensors, handles, clips, holders, and mounts.

Tough 65C Black


Figure 4 Rigid Grey ideal for all types of rigid static plastic parts including casings, panels, trim, especially parts requiring painting, plating and laser-etching.

Rigid Grey


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