Cimatron NC Solutions 5-Axis

Cimatron NC Solutions 5-Axis

Cimatron 5-Axis NC: complex 5-axis machining and micro milling.

Technology CAM
Manufacturer Cambrio
Licence types Dongle, Network
Attributes 5-Axis NC milling
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Product description

Cimatron 5-Axis NC

Cimatron NC Programming enables fast, efficient NC programming for molds, dies, plates, and discrete manufacturing with one of the most competitive selections of 2.5- to 5-axis milling and drilling strategies on the market and strong built-in CAD tools, analysis tools, and simulators.

Cimatron 5 Axis NC

5-Axis Programming

  • Safely complete any job with full user control over 5-axis roughing and finishing.
  • Take advantage of time-saving applications for blades, impellers, blisks, ports, inlets, and turbines.
  • Use 5-axis machine and material removal simulation for medical, aerospace, and other complex parts.
  • Access a rich library of proven posts for any 5-axis machine and controller.

Cimatron NC Simulation

Simulation and Verification

Machine confidently with simulation and verification.

  • Machine simulation with true representation of the kinematics, work piece, and fixtures
  • High-quality, embedded multi-axis material removal simulation
  • Reliable collision and gouge detection for the machine, fixtures, stock, part, tool, and holder
  • Toolpath verification with gouge and collision reports and color-coded remaining stock

5-Axis NC Package includes:-

  • NC Solutions
  • 5 Axis GPP2
  • 5 Axis Production
  • 5 Axis Simulation
  • Machine Simulation
  • DI import/export data interface

NC Solution

NC Solution is a Manufacturing only solution. This base solution offers complete and comprehensive milling, drilling, simulation and verification capabilities up to 2.5 axes + 2X Positioning. NC Solution provides access to a rich set of CAD capabilities necessary to complete any NC job. The system includes tool libraries and a post processor (GPP2 3X). NC Solution includes SAT, STL, PFM and one DI optional module (DWG, DXF or VDA) and Micro Mill 3X.

GPP2 Run 5X

Enables the execution of 4 Axes or 5 Axes post processors, which were written in GPP2

5X Production

Complete package for 5X milling, including 5X rough, finish and local operations. Ideal for complex tasks, such as milling inlets and impellers, 5X Production is mainly used for discrete part manufacturing in demanding industries. Also includes all the standard 4X and 5X continuous milling options, such as tilting (all functions of 4/5X-MILL).

5X Simulator

Enhancement of the Cimatron 3X-simulator and verifier to support up to 4X and 5X continuous milling toolpath material removal simulation and verification (new engine of in version 9.0)

Machine Simulation

5X machine simulation package, supporting display of the machine table, spindle and other dynamic and static machine components as well as the part, stock and fixtures. It detects collisions between the machine components, the part/stock and the cutting tool. For maximum reliability, it is recommended to use the Machine Simulator in conjunction with GPP2 post processor output.

Standard DI Package

Comprehensive Data Interface Package, including full read and write support for the following popular standard formats: DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, VDA and PARASOLID SAT.


Cimatron 16 – 5 Axis Deburring latest update:

5-Axis Deburring in Cimatron 16 now supports new cutter types including End mill, Sphere mill, Lollipop mill, Taper mill and Chamfer mill. In addition, the Multiple Cuts feature can generate a flat (chamfer) or rounded, (fillet) shape using more than one pass.



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