Cimatron Electrode Design

Cimatron Electrode Design

Cimatron Electrode Design – Electrode Design is an automated electrode design solution; and add-on module to the Designer Solution and as part of the Electrode Solution.

Technology CADCAM, Tool Design
Manufacturer Cambrio
Licence types Dongle, Network
Attributes Electrode design

Product description

Cimatron Electrode Design

Quick Electrode is an electrode design package used to automate the whole electrode process, including the automated capture of the geometry. Quick Electrode is used for burn area selection, electrode design, management, documentation and manufacturing.

Reduce design time by 80% using advanced tools for easy selection of burning surfaces, create and reuse templates to complete designs in seconds.

Automatically create inspection drawings for each of the electrodes, check for possible collisions and easily generate a drawing of the complete EDM process.

The level of preparation and precision of the project that can be attained will enable automated runs when the shop is closed saving valuable time.


NC Setup – Electrodes Burning Latest Updates:

Cimatron makes it even easier to machine electrodes with new options to specify the electrode burning stage from rough through to polishing directly within the NC-Setup. All relevant machining parameters will be applied automatically when creating the corresponding NC files – significantly reducing the risk of human error.

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